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Purposeful Moms: This is how they train the educator

Purposeful Moms: This is how they train the educator

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Everything should be well planned and organized, and rules and consistency are paramount in parenting - such as a purposeful parent.

The celebrity parent

Principle of Education: A well-organized agenda is the basis of everything.
Tъlйlхtippje: I'll tell you clearly what the rules are and stick to them.
Here's how to feed the baby: Initially, however, there was a need for a homologation system. And after the introduction of solid diets, the three main and two complementary meals always take place at the same time and almost always the same.
What he first buys for him: A playable music game that will introduce the evening laying ceremony.
First Birthday Gift: A short story book with short stories in the big bed on Sunday morning.
You'll hear it from a kid thirty years later: Not only did they love me, but I could always count on my parents. Consistency and order make our lives easier, as is the case with the prowl, says the devoted parent. Not to love, to cherish, to feed our children, we need to organize the world, to feel safe, and to find our place in the morning. , we don't know, our boss is out that day, what's our job, and when can we have lunch? Well, that's how the baby drips into the world, because he doesn't know anything about him. We need to help her get home as quickly as possible, and get it done on a regular, consistent basis - at least according to the purposeful parent.

What the heck is this?

The devout mother skips the fabricated experimenter, sidetracking, avoids unnecessary cramps. It sets the rules, marks the desired direction of progress, and in doing so, it really encourages the deception of a number of hysterical events that the child arranges to test his or her parents' ability to pay attention or to pay attention. But more than happy liberation, it was rather a sign of desperation: legs were knocked, they were knocked, they were rushing to a tree. At the same time, they were calm in their usual, defensive runway. The purposeful parent believes a an organized agenda And a rules for small numbers they provide a safe "claw" where the child can develop well and well.

How does this affect your child?

Most babies happily welcome repetitions, knowing if they know what's coming next. Often repeats, he quickly remembers and foreshadows the sea, saying, spending time, eating dinner, eating dinner, eating, eating and in the evening you will be more anxious if you do the usual ceremony. This is better not only for the parents but also for the children. However, not all babies develop regularity in a few months. Once upon a time, one half-hour after snoozing, he awakens with a loud yell, and sometimes three owls sleep in a row - this happens, and then it would be a real disservice to stick to the order.

How are you doing?

The most important is that consider regular help and not an unreasonable requirement. Do not work out the agenda in advance, but develop it with your baby. Take note of your needs, what you received, what bothered you, and plan accordingly. First and foremost, they define the system that you are developing, which means that you are also following the changes in a flexible way. Within your limits, you have plenty of room to develop, instead of using a hard life. Consistency does not mean coldness, and only works when your baby is in love with you.Other parents:
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