Creative ideas for Christmas

Creative ideas for Christmas

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Let it be a creative Halloween! Here are some great ideas on how to make unique gifts for Easter.


This should add: Lightweight daily newspaper, refillable tape, adhesive stick, olive, and light colored, handmade paper handkerchiefs.
Here's how: Highlight the two inner sides of the newspaper, expand it, and fold it lengthwise and wide until a 10 x 14 centimeter sheet is obtained. The longer sides are sealed with adhesive tape.
We cut a 7 cm diameter bullet from a paperboard, place it on the center of a flip chart, roll it, and fold the rest of the two edges around the neck. On the shorter side of the body, which is intended for the body, we open a small section with our fingers and insert the neck into it.
The arms, legs, and eyelids are made from a double-sided side: an extended sheet is folded about three centimeters wide on the long side, and then continues to fold until a 3.5 centimeters wide by 40 centimeters. Three pieces are made, one is glued to the upper part of the body, the other two are cut lengthwise - this will be the foot pad.
The feet are pushed from below to the body, glued, and the ears are pushed from the top of the head to the body where the neck is. We use a sealing tape to seal the openings and sides. The ears are cut sharp, the feet and hands are rounded and folded. The ready-made rabbit is laid on a paper handkerchief and, with a small margin, is tailored. Glue to the handle with glue stick.

Let it be a creative Halloween!

Rabbit egg for watering

This should add: Eggs, felt or other lint-free textile waste, glue, black alcoholic felt, thin twine or raffia, egg rolls or paper rolls, ol
Here's how: The ears and the small nose of the nose are cut out of the material, the small mustaches are cut from the asparagus and glued to the eggs. We use black marker pen to draw eyes and mouths. Eggs are placed in the egg holder or made from a roll of paper (which can be a roll of toilet paper) to form the neck of the egg.
We cut two centimeters wide from the roll, and from the colored napkin to four centimeters wide strips and roll the rolls. These will be the egg holders.

Barrico shit

This should add: 80 centimeters long, 160 centimeters wide natural loose material, sponge straps or gauze, 50 centimeters long, 140 centimeters wide clear plush, 60 centimeters white zipper, black hemp yarn
Here's how: We cut two 80 x 80 cm pieces from the fabric with a small margin. We create a braided head template: we draw a circle 15 cm in diameter, slightly open on the right side, this is the nose, on the left side we draw a rectangular neck 8 cm by 8 inches.
The plastic material is folded inwards with the color, and we cut the baby head. We sew it back, leaving only a neck around the neck. Let's turn it over. We cut the tabs: we cut out an equal number of beakers, sew two back and forth, leaving a shorter side open. Here we turn it over and put it on our head, then we lift our eyes and mouth.
Eight pieces of 8 x 20 centimeter bibs are cut. We sew them back together, leaving a short side open. We turn it over and stuff the legs. One of the 80 x 80 cm material is folded up, with the head and feet on three sides facing, and the other 80 x 80 is shown facing down. We sew it and sew it around, leaving one side open. We turn it around and sew the zipper on the open side.

Slipper in the virginity

This should add: Lightweight plywood or fibreboard, abrasive paper, paint, dye, deciduous wood (sawdust), sawdust
Here's how: First we make a paper template. If you can't draw with your hands, let's take a look at an attractive drawing. Lay it on the wall, draw it, and cut it out with sawn wood. Sand the edges evenly. We drill a hole in our hands, introduce the drool, and transfer it to another hand. We paint the rabbits and put them in a balcony, a flower garden or simply in a fun spring potted plant.

Rabbit napkin shells

This should add: Felt, olive, white napkin or textile napkin, paint, steaks, potato
Here's how: To make a paper template: cut out an 8 x 20 centimeter strip, fold it in, and draw a tab in the middle with a little finger, and then narrow the strip to 3 inches. We open the template, place it on the felt, and cut out the napkin rings. We cut the two ends from the top to the bottom and from the top, pushing the ends together. You can also make bunny napkins with potatoes.

Easter decorations

This should add: Fast food paper box, napkin, glue stick, olle, napkin glue, textile tape, green raffia or paper pulp, egg
Here's how: The paper box is carefully disassembled along the adhesive. The interior white side is covered with glue, the color of the napkin is colored (the rest is cold, there is no need), and glued with glue. After drying, cut off the protruding parts, and fold the outside of the napkin outward to re-assemble the box. Spread it out with flesh, wrap the eggs with ribbon, and put them in the fins.

Eat some rabbits

This should add: 10 Deca Butter, 10 Deca Sugar, One Egg, One Pack of Vanilla Sugar, 30 Deca Flour, One Shredding Stir Powder, One Egg White for Dinishing, 15 Deca Powdered Sugar, Food Coloring, Cocoa Powder
Here's how: We make a paprika rabbit and egg template. We adjust the needle and extend it to half a inch. We put the template, cut it, and shoot it at a quarter to 200 degrees. After a spillover, we'll do the diners. The egg white is whipped into a whipped foam, mixed with the icing sugar, then colored with cocoa, a few drops of starch, and other colors. We fill it in nylon bags, cut a small hole in the corner, so we press the mold to the mold.
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