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Age: At least two years between brothers and sisters

Age: At least two years between brothers and sisters

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At least this is what the researchers came to when they looked at how age affects the siblings' intellectual development and learning abilities.

What is the ideal minimum age?

Elйg sokfйle tйnyezх befolyбsolja that szьlхk much korkьlцnbsйget held ideбlisnak szьletendх children kцzt: szбmнt paid anyasбgi szabadsбg length, the mother munkahelyйnek hozzббllбsa, the financial situation csalбd the szьlхk elkйpzelйsei the csalбd ideбlis mйretйrхl the szьlхk йletkora the segнtх csalбdtagok йs нgy moreover, everyone can contribute their own points. Parents often think that small age helps them to play together. Perhaps life is easier for them, too, if they are having fun on similar programs, playing similar things. Parents also have a relatively short period of time to grow up with their children physically. Mбsok at this point szeretnйk kiйlvezni better: to the "luxury" vбgynak to minйl energiбikat inkбbb small babбnak szentelhessйk.Az ideбlis korkьlцnbsйg mйrtйkйt egйszsйgьgyi the kutatбsok sorбn tцbbnyire tйnyezхkkel цsszefьggйsben szoktбk vizsgбlni: pйldбul ъgy that kцvetkezх terhessйg szempontjбbуl much of ideбlis szьnet , charging time. To do this, a research that investigates the effect on the development of meaning is important. . He will read better and math will not be as bad for a child if he comes to the world two years after his brother. The researchers used data from a 1979 American National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY79) based on a sample of 12,686 young people aged between twelve and twenty. The aim of our research was to identify the causal effects of age. Parents are always surprised that there is an ideal time that is good for having two children, even though it really counts. " he said Kasey Buckles, the leader of the research in the university's press release.The ideal sibling age has been studied by many previous studies, however, it only deals with birth weight and infant mortality.
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