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Hairspray? Nana, then popcorn, Mom, woman, let's help you wake up!

Hairspray? Nana, then popcorn, Mom, woman, let's help you wake up!

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Break away from motherhood for at least five minutes! Just a little! For starters, not bad. Then it will go to Ursk!

Be prepared to be divine!

Maternity is clearly a security. When you are uncertain about an unknown medium, do you not stroke or gently kiss your child? Maybe not consciously. You might be smiling lightly at the stroller. This smile says to your surroundings, "respect me!" And the world respects it.
Right now, at the birth, they start giving birth to moms, which they do publicly because they don't know your name, and you're right. And the same with the pediatrician, the baby massager, the nurse or the ward. It's always good… But sometimes you remember: Will you ever find yourself in another role? Will you still be a woman? You are in a very high corner and you have licked your palms for blood. You had time for your priest to do extraordinary, funny or unusual things. He could stay awake until dawn and talk about anything. Sometimes it's okay to hang out with your friends.
Shouldn't this particular woman be brought to life again? After all, motherhood is only one part of womanhood. One small set next to the rest. And as such, it will obviously only work well if the big one works well. You need to have a good feel for your skin so that you can give it what you expect from yourself!

Start with small things!

With a little kid, your mind is in constant readiness. All your senses are tuned, listened to, analyzed. It detects even the slightest rumble, ready to intervene immediately when needed. Like jumping on a prey hunt. Among other things, you will be so lost at the end of the day.
It is a proven fact that bamboo deactivates this state. If you do not have the time or the opportunity to sleep in the sun, look for a pair of corners where you can dip into a quiet corner and just scare yourself! Your brain will then suspend overexertional activity and rest. Like you! But regardless of that, if you can, sleep with the little one too!
Tip for Bamboo: We recommend the plate of Szabolcs Kövi Ceremony

Put your foot out!

The integrity of the home medium can sometimes be very fat. The many things to do and the commitment are extremely demanding and unanimous over time. You need new stimuli!
There are several playgrounds in Budapest that allow you to play with your baby while you are chatting, drinking tea and chatting with your friends or just watching. So you are guaranteed to have a good time!
Tip for baby moving: Half a dozen people on Ilka Street in Zuglo are a good choice.

Sports and kids

Movement releases endorphin, or happiness hormone, so don't be lazy! If you are unable to solve it, you will come

The run turns off

from home, though sport has been an integral part of your life before, we have a few suggestions!
As long as your baby is small, baby-mom gymnastics or baby-mom yoga can be the solution. If you are looking for more intense physical exercise, the easiest way to do this is to run with the baby. Both air and sports can be solved at the same time. Some strollers are designed specifically for athletic, pregnant moms.
Skating, with which any stroller is compatible, can be great, but I've also seen examples of family fun, dog aeration, and steam training. And this seemed not only practical, but also especially good.

Get on with your friends!

You don't have to make sure you can't move your baby while breastfeeding! If you've had too much diapers, bitches, or baby-sterilization, you have almost your belly because your little one is learning how to sleep, and you keep talking to him all day! One or two of you can safely love a little baby if you breastfeed before you leave.
If you come to your favorite place on a Saturday night, you can start your evening ritual. Think about the time you need to wake up at night. Believe me, your friends will be happy to adjust to the times you set. You'll see how good it is to talk about your adult voice on an adult voice, or just look at a bookstore. The cinema, the dance, especially the dinner that you did not have to cook, are equally wonderful.
Tip: Friendly, cozy, reading coffee at the Bookstore in Budapest and in the country.

You're ready to go!

Do you remember what it was like to play in the theater before baby? Hairstyle, makeup, reddish. That's why it's all worth it! When you look in the eye with your eyes painted, so that you have no paid pelas on your shoulder, you can once again make sure you always have a place in the adult world. Maybe during the evening you will admire your décolletage, which is so beautiful for breastfeeding! Welcome the beech!
Hint: Cool dress for everyone: Sensimilla 10 in 1

Alone with the sweetheart

If you can solve childcare with the help of grandparents, aunts, babysitters or friends, introduce evenings when you are alone with your father! This can happen up to weekly.
The baby may sleep on the big one, so you don't have to move out of the house, but if you go, do it! For these occasions, choose the one that suits your occasion in addition to your outfit, friendship and loving roles.
Your couple also needs to listen to you, especially if you haven't had the opportunity and talk to you a bit too.
Some lovers can expect it at home! And if you haven't had the time to pack in the kitchen, skip the candlelit dinner and take it straight to the bedroom or just to the bath! Instead of the living room, you can put the candles here in an exceptional way! Believe me, he won't notice he's not washed.
You can also meet your friends. Because your child was born, life doesn't stop! Who said your mutual needs aren't important anymore?