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Is Spring Fatigue Or Hormone Disorder Causing My Fatigue?

Is Spring Fatigue Or Hormone Disorder Causing My Fatigue?

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Slowly but surely spring is coming, which for many does not add energy, but fatigue. However, it is worth noting that it may not be time in the background but some hormone disorder.

Is Spring Fatigue Or Hormone Disorder Causing My Fatigue?Dr. Viktoria Koppany, endocrinologist at the Endocrine Center of Buda, lists the endocrine problems that produce lucidity, fatigue.

By early spring, the vitamin D stock had fallen

Spring fatigue is often caused by a diminished supply of vitamin D over the winter months, which reaches its lowest point in early spring. A small amount is known to cause fatigue (among others) and, in fact, it is not a vitamin, but a hormone, which can cause a host of other hormonal problems. In order to determine what a person's vitamin D supply is, they need only a blood test. If it is present in small amounts, vitamin D supplementation is recommended by a specialist in a specified amount.

Thyroid dysfunction

There are 2 major types of thyroid hormone dysfunction: there is thyroid hyperactivity, and hyperthyroidism when you produce less thyroid hormone (T3, T4). Because these hormones have a major influence on the metabolic process, metabolism slows down in the event of organ failure. This is manifested in, among other things, fatigue, clarity, menstrual disorders and digestive problems. If the laboratory test confirms the condition, medication should be sought for the missing hormones.

Breast cancer

One of the direct consequences of stressful lifestyle is fatigue. As a result of stress, the levels of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands are increased and the level of persistent stress is constantly high. However, when your adrenal glands become fatigue due to increased production, the amount of cortisol you drop suddenly results in fatigue, depression, and lethargy. Adequate stress management and medication is needed for this problem, says Dr. Viktoria Koppany, endocrinologist at the Buda Endocrine Center.

Insulin resistance / cukorbetegsйg

One of the most common diseases of our time is insulin resistance, which without treatment can easily develop in type 2 diabetes. During IR, cells become insensitive to insulin, so cells become hungry because insulin is not able to deliver enough glucose. As a result, the pancreas still releases more insulin as compensation. Initially, only insulin levels are crippled, and then glucose levels increase. One of the main symptoms of both IR and diabetes is permanent fatigue, especially after dietary changes. Diagnosis requires OGTT, which also determines insulin and glucose levels. A personalized diet, regular physical activity is essential and, if necessary, medication (even insulin for diabetes) is warranted.
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