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Goodbye to Cockbirth?

Goodbye to Cockbirth?

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Slowly, half of the babies are born with cups. Today, even the smallest challenge is the birth profession. They're sure. Maybe too much…

Goodbye to Cockbirth?

A woman on the street gave birth to a woman in the III. district on December 5th. The wake-up call for a bearded baby was followed by instructions from a rescue service telephone, a stranger young man told the National Ambulance Service.

Why is it so big?

Let's see the statistics! In Hungary, in 2010, one percent of baby bibs were born on the vagina. We are close to being able to do something like this on the streets today (accidentally)! It is not uncommon for us to be surprised by hospital reports that we have heard a stern birth that did not happen by mistake. We received such a message from a grandmother: the happy mother gave birth to her first, rear-facing baby smoothly.
Megkйrdeztьk dr. Ferenc Jaklovics Grandmother General, what is the official practice: is it possible to give birth to a classy baby doll in the vagina?
"First baby clearly: no," says the chief doctor. - Parenting is strictly regulated, and it is impossible for us to deviate from it, nor do I let my colleagues down. We are also very cautious about a large baby. I also often see a forensic medical practitioner that it is often the case that the responsibility of the physician is determined. In addition, for the sake of stern birth, we cannot say that it is small. This kind of education requires great professionalism, routine and attention. All this does not mean that me or my colleague is not in a position to lead a far cry. It happened to me a year ago that I was successfully born with a handsome, healthy first dock in front of me. When Mom arrived in the hospital, the baby's buttocks were visible, I had no choice but to welcome her.

Why is it riskier?

The narrower part of the baby, the buttocks moving forward, and the head being born last And the fastest. The head is not able to adapt to the birth canal as much as the head canal, when the same process can take up to an hour. When the fetal fetus is born to the tip of the shoulder blade, the umbilical cord is pinched between the head and the pelvic bone. And this is the critical point: this period, that is it should not take more than two minutes for the extension to complete. Read more on for details on how to get a baby!

They are slowly forgetting

If trying to get a cocky birth requires a lot of practice, how do young babies get ready for it? "Fewer babies are allowed in fewer places," says dr. Bálint Balzszs, a respected member of the latest generation of doctors. - Even if you are overwhelmed, your parents may not be able to go. Wherever I work, it is possible, but few mothers do. They are often suppressed by the press and the press (family). Thus, as fewer cases occur, professionals in the field also lead to fewer cervical births, and eventually young doctors may see less and no one else to learn.

Big butt preference

Most babies observe the size of the fetus. For example, one of our letters could not have given birth to a second, but far-fetched baby, because "the weight will exceed three pounds." "But in some respects, the lighter the baby, the better the chances are if the size of the head is not large," says Balzbin. - How can this be interpreted? For a child of 3,000 to 3,500 grams, if the BPD (distance between two deaths) is less than 97 millimeters, then the ratio is particularly good, as his buttocks, thighs, and torso are sufficiently padded head number. But the baby can be up to 4,000 grams if the head is not big. It is also important how big the previous child was. If the first one was, say, 4,500 grams, what would we be afraid of in a 3,000 gram case?

Patience is a miracle weapon

- Doctors around the world are increasingly obstructive of having a baby lying down in their pelvic floor, it is almost certain that the mother goes to work says Andrea Noll, an independent doll. "That's why the paradox in Britain is that if you want to have a baby doll on the vagina, you want to have a baby at home rather than go to church." However, these women didn't originally want to be born at home!
Without complications, far-reaching birth - with little fury - depends on the doctor's ability to "sit down". It takes a lot of patience not to hurry up to give birth, and even let the baby grow out only when the mother is finally unable to resist delivery. Even so, you should not drag or drop the baby, because touching will elicit a reflex reflex, which can be dangerous while the head is inside. Studies show that such non-intervention tailed babies are no more risky than having a newborn baby in the head. But statistics are not based on unrelenting births…
Note that in countries that allow and regulate home birth, the tail is usually included among the reasons that exclude home birth.

Let's turn it over!

It's a logical thought! Western European and overseas professional regulations recommend inverting the fetus to reduce the number of cesarean sections. This is not forbidden in Hungary, but such interventions are regularly performed only at the St. Stephen's Courthouse in Budapest under ultrasonic control. Dr. Siklus Pál, Head of Department, General Practitioner, stated that in 2010, 34 cases of external translation had been performed until Christmas (not all fetuses are possible) and that the rate was 50 percent. The St. Stephen's Cathedral also has a low domestic rate of 22 percent (national average: close to 30 percent), with more than 3,500 births per year.
Dr. Ferenc Jaklovics, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Education, NagyatбdMed Health Service Ltd.
Dr. Balin Balin, Specialist of St. Imre's Hospital in Kinshasa
Noll Andrea Nandu Independent Doll, Holdudvar Doll House (Not practicing due to this legal regulation.)
Dr. Pikl Siklus Head of Unit, St Stephen's Court
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