What to do if you are afraid of the dark?

What to do if you are afraid of the dark?

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Especially at the age of three to one, it is common for a small child to be in the dark. Sometimes nightmares start to affect a scary movie, and sometimes you can't figure out the reason. Tips To Prevent Currency Fear From Darkness.

- We can deal with that We'll tell you interesting stories about the dark, nightlife, and arrool, why we sleep in the dark.
- Explain the reason for switching between day and night. Let's tell him that in the summer we have long days and short nights, but the situation is just the opposite. You can also illustrate that some parts of our Earth are dark for months with the help of a removable white globe.
- Leaving the nursery door open will make noise, lights, and sleep more quiet. It is possible that with the difficulties of laying down, you may express that you want to be more close to your mom. Especially at the beginning of the ovi ride, this kind of thing arises. If you are not in distress, allow her parents to sleep in the immediate vicinity. Of course, if you are on your father's bed all night, it is better that you fall asleep in your baby's bed too. Do not insist that your child sleep in the dark! Energy saving light bulbs can be twisted into the baby lamp and can burn all night long. Let's give the child a special, lighted, plastic figure. If the lamp is lit, it will "saturate" itself and radiate bright green light under the blanket in full darkness. There are miracles that can only be seen in the dark.

Almost every child is in the dark at some point in their lives

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