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Come on, stop, don't dad!

Come on, stop, don't dad!

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In particular, our live-blooded kids love loud-hitting games.

They are great for getting bored in the rain and for draining off burnt energy.
Fill half a liter plastic bottle with beans, gravel or rice, then close the caps tightly. The mouth of the bottle just fits into a kid's nipple, and you can hit big ones on the bottom of a foot.

Fun indoor games

Give the cuckoo a little rubber mallet, a wooden mallet or a small hammer from a DIY shop, and the bench will do a little bump or tail. After imitating the father, they also strike big, but if you can give him a patient, finer "job".
Make holes in the bulb or in the bulb, where you can plug sticks, sticks, gravel, cork. The one that gets stuck can be strapped into it.
Lightweight, kid-sized featherball and beach ball feather. With two hands, he can hit the hockey big, deflecting the ball.