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So many nations, so many baby habits

So many nations, so many baby habits

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Different cultures adopt different customs. This is not the case with baby and childcare.


In Sweden, babies are treated in a very special way. The Hungarian practice differs from the newborns will be bathed on the fifth day after birthin the meantime, just rotate it so that the fetus does not come down. Home bathing is not much more common, washing the little ones once a week with clean water without bathing. After bathing, the baby's skin is exclusively replaced with natural almond oil. They do not use a wet buttocks, but you can get a dry towel that is watered and how to dry your baby's poop.


Practices that differ significantly from Europe are practiced in Japan. The babies there hardly ever meet their father, who rarely comes home. Japanese mothers carry their babies from birth to birth, and in many cases they bathe with them. According to some studies, today, Japan has the most infantile baby, which develops due to poorly adjusted carriers. Because moms generally don't work, there is no need for wisdom nor are Japanese children getting their first mediumship in school.Already, babies are happy to look at the origami figurines hanging from the waist. As soon as possible, their mother begins to teach them the art of Japanese paper folding, so that they are creative enough to learn the special spellings later.

So many nations, so many baby habits


You will get richer with an Irish cardboard box, who is raising a child in Finland. This custom was introduced in the country seventy years ago, where only dependent families received this form of government support, but nowadays every adventurous woman has the benefit of a baby. with priceless things full box.You can find among others mattresses, winter clothes, thinner overalls, socks, boots, rucksacks, baby clothes, nappies, bibs, flippers. It's small, easy to move around, comfortable and comfortable. The box has become the maternity sign in Finland.


In Norway, babies do not only pay great attention to the physical care of their mother, but also to their health. During the fourth, fifth week of childbirth, the weddings divide the baby into a baby-mom group where she can meet moms of former children close to and near her place of residence. If sympathetic to each other after a lot of walking together, go to the brothel, they can publicly breastfeed babбjukat. Baby boats and baby cinema go. It is interesting to put down the stroller in front of the cinema, take the upper part along with the baby, and see the movie with the other baby mom off. The movie is always captioned, so even if one or two babies are wandering, they can still follow the story.


Pygmies living close to nature would want to follow the example of moms living in the well-to-do society. Every baby is born in the middle of the river, where her mother, two babies, play and sing while vajъdikand then crouching down on a flat rock face where the baby is born. bбbaasszony it invites the newborn baby upside down to make sure the baby is breathing and to wash it first. The other doll looks for the lightest part of the cord and is very slow there bites and gently squeezes the string with your finger. Babies first years spend every minute with their mother, so they rarely sleep. It is very important to have contact with the skin, if you need warmer clothes in cooler weather, the mom will wear the clothes around both of them, and nothing should be done in the first six months. The little baby is always sleeping between his dad and his mom, who make a natural blanket around him.


Dr. Vбcity Jуzsef our ear-nose specialist made the dreaded many at the end of the nineties dusty noseto ease the nasal cleansing of the noses and infants of infants and toddlers who cannot. Although in other countries I consider the products "child-friendly", notes: In Hungary, the incidence of infantile inflammation is low. And recently, two - even Hungarian - dad of development engineers, Streitmann Walter йs Zsolt Mбtrabérci he created Nosiboo, which, unlike its hubby, is friendly in appearance, not loud, easy to move and just as effective.
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