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Children's mouth - Olika's sayings

Children's mouth - Olika's sayings

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You have posted a lot of fun and witty children's proverbs in our community newspaper. Let's kick off the year with Olika's gold coins.

There were 6 ives

We travel in the car. Olika woke up:
- Riddle! Dad treads on the bed.
- WHERE ???
- Nincse!
Oli made colored paprika in the kindergarten. After he showed me, he ran to his father excitedly.
- Dad, look! I did a… Then he pauses and turns back: “Mom, what? A shade?
- Olika, you see the naughtiness on your face!
- It sticks in my head!
Oli saw a huge, victorious butterfly in a courtyard. She excitedly exclaimed, "Mom!" Have you seen that… that… chicken?
- Mom, do you love me?
- Yes, Olika, I love you very much.
- Then will my gum color?
- Mom, do you want to be?
- Yes, darling, I would love Olika.
"But then you throw out your clothes and disassemble everything!"