Ministry of Defense Recognizes Early Childhood Center Closure

Ministry of Defense Recognizes Early Childhood Center Closure

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In a statement, the Defense Department confirmed that it was closing the Early Childhood Center for a few weeks.

Ministry of Defense Recognizes Early Childhood Center ClosureHvg.hu first started closing the Early Childhood Center because of a shortage of doctors. The Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Wednesday denying it somewhat, but in fact acknowledging that we really closed the premature birth center. "As with the recent press releases, as we have previously provided numerous informations, the institution's early childhood department will not close. йs St. Jбnos Kуrhбz irбnyнtja the veszйlyeztetett kismamбkat йs the koraszьlцtt csecsemхket same profilъ osztбlyaira. Нgy the biztonsбgos ellбtбs continued. "Hozzбtettйk that honvйdelmi tбrcбnak the hatбrozott cйlja that is tovбbbra all feltйtelt creating biztosнtsa the koraszьlцttosztбly smooth mыkцdйsйt." the kуrhбz the management considers the financial evaluation of physicians and nurses working in the department and the work of paramount importance, and therefore plans to introduce a system of indemnity. The Early Childhood Center is back in operation for a few weeks for families, mothers, and babies. " Semmelweis University and St. John the Baptist to target vulnerable babies and infants to the same profile classes. Hvg.hu asked the chief executive of the Jбnos-kurrbaz PIC Princess with Elizabeth, who told the newspaper that the designated centers would be the least likely to cope with the surplus task. The university sajtуosztбlya mindkйt nхi klinikбjбn mыkцdх PICs nevйben нrt say that one of the biggest orszбg koraszьlцtt-ellбtбsйrt felelхs kцzpontjakйnt Perinatбlis Intenzнv felkйszьltek ellбtбsбra its Centers of megnцvekedett tasks йs make every effort to ellбtбs folyamatossбgбnak biztosнtбsбйrt.A Koraszьlцttekйrt Kцzhasznъ Egyesьlet (KORE) elnцke Zsuzsanna Nagy of Fld the loss of the Honic PIC is also a great loss, because this center is the home of the family-friendly early childbirth: it is a widespread, but not always common practice, not only see their children for ten minutes a day in an incubator, but also be up to 24 hours a day with them and even take an active part in their care.Gulyбs Gergely on Wednesday, the government's infinite said that they do not want to interfere with the situation, high-quality service is expected from the Secretary of State for Health. critical medical shortage that led to the closure of the department on December 15, 2018! "
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