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Mother's Day Ideas Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas Ideas

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Mother's Day is coming, if you want to make something really special and easy to make, with kids, then we'll give you some ideas.

On mothers' days, we usually decorate our mothers with flowers, but instead, we can make our own or a surprise with the child. Now we are giving you some easy ideas - even with children - to make this Mother's Day truly unique.

Cauliflower word

Raw materials:
  • bendable thin drum
  • kцrцmlakk
  • The blank
  • plasticine or cork plug
1. Fold the drut into a small tissue with a small strain.
2. We pour a small portion of the hemp varnish onto a sheet of cardboard and dip it in the drizzle.
3. Filter the finished product into a flour plasticine (or cork stopper). Time to finish: approx. 10 minutes

Oatmeal fürdхbatyu

Raw materials:
  • a piece of textile (natural material) (10 * 10 cm), ribbon
  • oatmeal
  • dried herbs, e.g. lavender, cumin, rose petals
  • seafood, bitter, sandalwood (6 sections, 3 sections, 1 section): optional
1. Cut a 10 * 10 cm square from the fabric to make it look prettier and use a zigzag pattern.
2. In the middle of this, put oatmeal, which we have prepared, powdered, dried herbs, and roast (only if we do not want to store it for too long, because it can get wet).
3. Make a bundle by folding the sides of the cloth, then tie it with a natural string.
4. Make sure that the strap is large enough to attach it to the pin.Felhasznбlбsa:
Hang it on the tap, let go of warm water, and enjoy a relaxing, soothing, silky bath.
Oatmeal is good for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin, itching, acne, diaper rash. Time to finish: approx. 10 minutes.

Fingerprinting skeleton

Raw materials:
  • template (custom made or stencil ready)
  • textilfestйk
  • cellux glue
  • cardboard or paperboard
You can make your own template, print a selected pattern (eg heart) in the appropriate size, and then cut out the pattern (with the help of an adult). .Then we can start the fingerprinting using textile dyes. To make the edges look nice, cut the paper and the child should print. Mother's Day Ideas: DIY SkateboardingTime to finish: approx. 30-40 minutes