Do you work again? - Boost your confidence!

Do you work again? - Boost your confidence!

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You are about to get to work. You are full of doubts about how the situation will succeed. Release your fears and get ready for the new era.

Do you work again? - Boost your confidence!

Of course, you have fears as you fall out of the rhythm of work at home, but don't think that going back from gloom will make you less capable. In the past period, you have learned, developed, and become more competent than before your child / children were born. Do not you believe? Then think about it all the way. During your time with your children you practice daily empathy, flexibility, timing, patience and team play. You will now be able to utilize these skills at your workplace. "I came back to my workplace six hours ago and was afraid that I would miss my job and have to bring home a part of the job," Anna says. "But I found that I was much more organized, organized than I was before, and my boss also noticed."

But it wasn't bad enough

However, with the acquisition of new skills, there is no doubt that the activities that are typical of your workplace have been out of work for some time. But that doesn't mean you can't pull it back very quickly. Remember those moments and situations when you were specifically competent and competent in your work. Remember when you are well You made yourself feel good in what you do.Do you think it was like that? You have to think - or you can tell - what you needed to do your job well. If you work with any computer system or other tool that has been updated, changed since you started working, at least in broad lines, you will get to know them "I returned to a Swedish-owned company after a year" - he tells Bor. "As long as I was honest, half of the staff had changed and the software we were working on also changed. The first week was spent constantly asking for advice from colleagues 10-15 years younger than me. my marketing colleague didn't know I was back, and I didn't really like to call during lunch time. it was then that they fell that I was not a senior beginner, but that I was coming back. "

Imagine you will be better

Although you know you were a good workforce in the past and you know that spending time at home was good for you too you may remain worried. If so, try to call your imagination. Gather all the words or phrases you want to be specific to your workplace. Eg: I am trustworthy, like my colleagues, get along well with the bosses, etc. Then close your eyes and imagine a work day in which you behave in the way you dream, and the rest will behave like you. you take the message yourself: I know everything will be fine. "Two months before I started work, the panic suddenly dawned on me," he says. Carolina. "My hands trembled at the thought of putting on my costume, doing makeup, taking the kid to the door, and going to my workplace. It looked very scary. A friend of mine introduced me to a coach who helped me a lot. I got dressed up the day, and I was doing makeup and taking David to the overtime.

What if you make a mistake?

Okay, that sounds good, but the trick in your head might be whispering: I'm sure you're messing up the first day. Surely the others will look suspicious. Surely the first day they will call me because of the kid ... And you know what? Maybe the trick (too) is right.
It's easy that the first few days won't go as smoothly as you imagined. But that does not mean that you are afraid of unexpected situations. If you make a mistake, accept it: it's natural since you've just started over. If they are called because of the child, it is also natural. And most of all, part of your colleague went through the same thing, believe me, a lot they will be more matureas you first thought.

Wake up, watch out ...

Okay, now you're almost ready, but with a little more detail you can further increase your comfort:
  • Ask if there is a formal or informal team training, a family day or something similar to the end of your home time and if any, go away rб.
  • If not, then on the phone please contact forward with the colleagues you have been with before.
  • (And with your boss, but we said that already.)
  • In your child's ward or door, talk about possibly calling your father or mother in your first week of work, only if you I really have to.
  • Surprise yourself getting to work with a shoe, a piece of clothing or a piece of jewelry that you can wear and that makes you feel wonderful.
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