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Parents and children can be together in Bethesda

Parents and children can be together in Bethesda

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The Middle Age welcomes the needy family at the Bethesda Mother House.

Due to the broad social convergence, Bethesda Children's Hospital Building in the yard provides cultured transportation for the relatives of the sick. Thus, parents can stay with their children for the full length of their often lengthy treatment, when they are most in need.

Together in Bethesda

THE Bethesda Anyбk Hza The ceremonial ceremony took place last November. We are able to accommodate altogether 9 sick children in the refurbishment areas. Henceforth, work is in progress for the hospital's physicians and nurses, and for resting. The initiator was supported by numerous domestic and international partners, among others Kováts Adél szнnmыvйsznх, Get on Petra Voluntary fire brigade and SCA Hygiene Products Kft. have been part of the company's sustainable corporate social responsibility strategy. Bethesda Anyбk Hza Your mission is to provide a secure background for parents. Not only is it just lodging, but there are also good places for spiritual support and essential daily activities (laundry, kitchen, communal space). Since delivery, 36 parents have received free shipping and benefits at Bethesda Mother House. The longest stay here was 60 days, while so far 305 nights have been spent in the rooms by parents of children coming from all over the country during their stay in the hospital.
THE Bethesda Anyбk Hza you want to give safety and hope to more needy children and families. If you want to help, you can do it here.
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