Vaccination against bends will be required in Germany

Vaccination against bends will be required in Germany

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There will be an obligation to protect against bending in Germany, and those who violate the vaccination obligation will be threatened by serious money.

Vaccination against bends will be required in GermanyJens Spahn According to the recommendation of the Minister of Health, in addition to children who go to kindergarten or school, everyone who is working in an educational, health or other community institution should be vaccinated against the disease. These include centers of refuge and summer camps. Immunity will have to be certified by a vaccination certificate or a medical certificate stating that the person in question has already had a bend.Exemption from the vaccination obligation is granted to those who can prove by a medical certificate that the vaccine is being challenged for health reasons. Neither will it be compulsory to vaccinate those born before 1970, because in these cases there is a great deal of currency to be able to get sick and thus to become immune to the bend. Except for dentists, the vaccine will be available to any doctor.In the first few months of the year idanen has registered 400 bends In Germany, which, according to the justification of the law, represents a risk to the health of the person in need of a vaccine, the need for a vaccine is serious. Jens Spahn had previously spoken of a € 2,500 (more than $ 800,000) fine. Vaccine controls and local health authorities will be responsible for the administration of the vaccine. Schools, schools and other institutions will be required to report on the status of vaccination. According to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, in 2017, 93 percent of school-leavers received all the vaccines needed to be adequately protected. Parents, for the most part, simply forget to give their children a second, booster vaccination in time, and others fear side effects. However, not just children are safe. Half of the illnesses reported this year were in young adults. Referring to German health information, the Bild label says that the ministry counts about 600,000 people to be vaccinated if the German parliament approves the law and the vaccine It will come into effect in March 2020.
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