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The worst habits of children

The worst habits of children

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Nausea, finger sucking, haircut and nasal discharge: yummy? Should we be worried about them or are we "just" very upset with habits?

Children often adopt bad habits, the most typical of which are nausea, haircut, nasal discharge and finger sucking. Parents are probably disturbed by these activities, but rest assured, in most cases, these habits are merely processes of the normal developmental phase, and they don't have to be a cause for concern.


It is estimated that 30 to 60 percent of toddlers and adolescents hang around the disease, so even if your child does, we'll reassure you that you're not alone. The phenomenon can appear both on the boy and the girl, but as the years pass, rather, the boys will have this bad habit.


This most babies usually doand first appears in early childhood. If you "get it" at a young age, it will become relatively easy for you to get used to it, but the older you start to clean your hair, the harder it will be to stop it. It may also indicate other anxiety or depression.


Although the public is aware that only the tiniest ones are watching their noses, there is a lot to find among adults who are doing this. What's harsher is that, according to a 1995 study 91 percent of adults regularly get their nose dirtyAnd 8 of them eat what is in it.


Babies are most common, but ovis often suck their fingers. Many toddlers take their thumbs to calm themselves. However, fingerprinting lasts 4-5 years can cause dental problems, infants can get infected more easily, and let's not even talk about having kids mess up the stuff.

What do they develop?

There is no consensus among experts on what causes bad habits, but it is possible that these are generally learned behaviors, so I saw somebody. You may be just bored with your child, so you start getting involved in such activities, but you have the effect of draining your nervousness. he chose this. If you find one, you will surely do what you want to do to relieve tension.

How to quit rуla?

Most of these bad habits are born out of the kid, so you don't have to force or hurry anything. But if you think it's time for them to quit, you can first tell them why you don't like them when they are doing a particular activity. It can be explained to a 3-4 year old child that, for example, we do not like the fact that he or she is laughing because his or her fingers look very thin afterwards. However, if the child can control himself, let's take it and reward him, increase his confidence. consistent behavior sooner or later it will bring forth the fruit and the bad habits will disappear (via)They may also be interested in:
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