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6 creative family activities for the fall days

6 creative family activities for the fall days

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The school has started, the time has turned cooler, but we can enjoy some simple activities that are typical of the season.

6 creative family activities for the fall days

Apple apple race

A very simple and funny idea is the apple-eating competition: putting some apples in a purée, slicing them into smaller bites and putting them in a water-filled bowl / bowl and using our hands for as long as you can. You can cheer on apple slices, the task is the same.

Jump in the Avar

A must-have fall program for working in the avenue: flip as many letters into a pile as you can, and feel free to tease the rest.


Continuation of the former activity. If you are bored of jumping, collect the most beautiful letters to make a wreath, a picture, a letter, and so on at home.

Popcorn ball

The popcorn ball is not as well known in Hungary as it is not only delicious but also easy to make.
Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the marshmallows. Remove the fire. Add the popcorn. Stir it together. Allow it to cool, then form balls from the mass.

Burning in the garden

Let's set fire and cook the family dinner in the garden. Someone should always pay attention to children who should never be left alone by the fire.

Fill up a birdie

If you already have bird feeders, it is worth preparing for the field and exposing the birds to them. It is best to put sunflower seeds, kale or kale on the table. Let's not forget water (via)