Officiating lawsuit against a man who put a cigarette in his mouth

Officiating lawsuit against a man who put a cigarette in his mouth

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A video of a man putting an old cigarette in the mouth of a girl circled the home boulevard.

Officiating lawsuit against a man who smokes a baby in the mouth

Blikk says that the locksmith Brendon's middle name, Gustav Lőrinczfalvi, the cousin of the mouth, called the collected cigarette, but only meant it as a joke. It was uploaded by a pretty woman I had a relationship with, but I told her it was over. He couldn't process it, so he blackmailed him for revenge. I think part of this blackmail is this video - explained to Blikk on Brendon. "I didn't mean it, it was just a joke, I admit, not the best." But for sure, the baby never sucked into a cigarette, and I thought I never wanted to do it really. - One time it can cause a cramped, suffocating seizure, and of course noxious substances in the the little baby - said dr. István Kуczбn told the Blikk. The police have taken legal action in the matter. Small alarms can be up to 5 years old.
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