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Relaxing bath ball home

Relaxing bath ball home

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It's easy to fall in love with her, at least as much as having her.

A little bathing, a couple of moments of shutdown, is good for the mother, and it's best to lose a diet, a soothing, fragrant bath. Bathing is really fun with bathing because the water in the bath is sparkling and has a delicate scent.It is easy to do, as the preparation itself is relaxing. It can even be made with children, as it is made from simple ingredients that are mostly found in the household. The Bouquets of Bouquets of Bouquets of Bouquet are calmly relied upon for the baby.Hozzбvalуk:
2 tbsp of saddabicarb
1 tbsp citric acid
1 tablespoon of cornstarch
5-10 drops of camomile oil
extra virgin olive oilMix the dry ingredients and then add the essential oil. Finally, lighten in small portions of oil. Of this, enough should be added so that the mass is cohesive, adherent and malleable.We should use only a small amount of dried flowers, because our balls fall apart easily. It is advisable to put this form down, so it will be showy.We compress the mass into a silicone mold, then carefully press the finished mold onto muffin paper. The process is similar to the process of making wet sand shapes on the playground.This quantity will make 4 flowers or two smaller ball balls.We dry it in a dry place for 2-3 days and then we can start the bath.Have a nice time off, and post your Anik Rбcz blog HERE.