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With a fork or a fork

With a fork or a fork

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It is easy for our small child to learn how to eat well if he or she is given the right help.

The head of a good baby spoon is small, but so that the food will not spill over. His grip is thick so you can grasp it well. Foldable neck buckles for left-handers, which can be turned to the opposite direction. The soup, steaks are given from the rinsing bowl, so it is easier to drain. Add chopped boiled potatoes, greens, meatballs and forks. Most little kids like to hit the pieces on the tip of the villa. Of course, a really pointed little villa is needed for this, the baby kit is useless. Don't worry, you'll be careful if we show you a little bit of hair on your hands. You can also enjoy sandwiches and fruit snacks for breakfast, dinner, or snacks. You can try using a plastic knife if you want. First you can practice with plasticine loops, and then, once you've practiced the movement, give him a banana cooked potato so you can cut it yourself. Usage at this age usually turns out to be too early, let's not expect a little overwhelming performance.