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Sleep well, mommy!

Sleep well, mommy!

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It may well be that sleep deprivation in the last weeks of pregnancy is a preparation for the nightlife of our newborn living. One thing is for sure, the one whose rest and sleep during the third trimester is cheating.

Sleep well, mommy!

When pregnant women begin to shake their womb during the first few weeks of pregnancy, routine mothers with small children, with all kinds of sleep complaints, waistlines, and reflux symptoms, are only smiling. The inability to make it happen. in turn changing sleeping patterns is normal; this cannot be avoided even for the lucky ones who only know the morning sickness, the pregnancy strain, or the varicose veins.

Swap Your Pair For A Parain!

The first signs of suspicion begin to appear at the end of the first trimester: a growing tummy tuck in the stomach. Whoever falls asleep on the side gets a little bit of progress: only the 24-26. at week seven, she begins to wonder how to support the tiny little melon in the stomach. For the problem, the cushion or even the breastfeeding the solution. The latter does not spit under your stomach while sleeping, and if its size is long enough, it can be used to shake your leg, catch it and catch it. Those who are trapped in their stomachs will soon discover that when folded in a ring, the tummy is comfortably covered. When it comes to sleeping, it is worth noting that, in a healthy, non-pregnant pregnancy, a pregnant woman can spend any amount of time relaxing; lie down the way she feels good.However, if someone has favored her left side so far, she is fortunate enough: this is the situation that gives the best blood supply to the fetus and the lower extremities of good and good is a common problem in pregnancy and can make it very difficult to relax. It eases the situation when the pregnant mother is lying flat on a hard mattress. If you tend to bother with the back, lying on your back can be effective - only if it is comfortable! - So he puts a cushion underneath his head, not just his head. Lying on the side can support the abdomen and the knee or the hips with cushions.It is important to do not wake up the back muscles: By tilting to the side and then "leaning in" with the charms, you can avoid further exertion of the back. After a loose effective uprising, the "kitty cat" practice, which can be performed in the bed or while brushing teeth.

Little evening walk

Even if your mum is comfortably placed and has fallen asleep, your pregnancy will still hold a few surprises that will wake you up to the most beautiful. The most common frequent visits to the bathroom йjjelenkйnt. The only way to counteract this is to drink the required daily fluid volume - at least 2-3 liters - before the early evening hours. If you consume dinner with just one glass of beverage in your company, you will have less urinary urgency.

I'm fine

THE painful leg of foot levels are not uncommon, but you know that calcium deficiency is a symptom. We can help with complaints with increased calcium intake, as a minimum of 1200 mg daily is required for every pregnant woman. Most calcium is found in dairy products, green leafy vegetables, soy and wheatgrass, and it is rich in oranges, prunes and raisins. If these are not included in the diet, it is worth taking the form of tablets, capsules or effervescent tablets. These include, in particular, red meat and fish, dairy products and eggs. Baby vegetarians can get vitamin B from legumes, whole wheat bread, bones, rice, bran and potatoes. Sleeping well is also supported by chamomile, marjoram or lemon tea, warm milk, and light exercise before bedtime. Of course, it doesn't matter if your mother avoids caffeine-containing drinks and chocolate in the second part of the day.

… But no matter when!

However, if we are eating food before going to bed, we should mention the occurrence in the last few months of the fasting reflux symptoms. During reflux, the spinal cord and the stomach lining at the border of the stomach, which prevents stomach contents from retrograde, are closed. This is most likely due to the fact that the enlarged mammary displaces the stomach from its anatomical location so that the pressure conditions change in the middle. Occasionally, gastric juice enters the esophagus between the cavities, causing a painful sensation. This chest burn can be reduced by consuming a couple of biscuits or a slice of bread. The reflux symptoms in the evening lungs can be prevented if dinner is not immediately before going to bed, or they can be alleviated if the mother raises the upper body and the head by one or two pillows.
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