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Easier, Faster, Faster Birth - That's what Hypnosis is for women. In addition, Kate Middelton also decided to give birth to the method.

Hipnoszьlйs"Is it my dream that women in all corners of the world can get to know a truly safe, relaxed and happy birth?" Marie F. Monganwhose name is closely associated with the HypnoBirthing method. come to the world.


Marie Mongan, of New Hampshire, experienced the sensation of artificial pain in childbirth as she gave birth to almost her own parents. For decades, he has been looking for a way to reduce pain without the use of artificial drugs. In 1992, he published the book HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method, which became extremely popular in the United States and Western Europe.

The basic idea of ​​Hypnosis

An English obstetrician played an important role in the development of Hypnosis Idea, dr. Grantly Dick-Read munkбssбgбnak. Based on his own experience, the obstetrician formulated one of the basic ideas that, if fear is not present, pain also ceases. The Fear-Tension-Anxiety Syndrome is based on the observation that the effect of fear is to contract the arteries that have undergone the disease, causing them to have pain. If we can eliminate this tendency, the muscles can relax, the artificial body naturally expands, and the baby feels relaxed.

But what are these fears? What makes birth difficult and painful?

By the time women reach childbirth, unfortunately, they hear countless horror stories and are almost overwhelmed with fear. In many of our minds, parenting is associated with unbearable pain and dread, and this fear makes the whole body tense. This sinful tension prevents women from carrying out other normal physiological tasks in their bodies. They believe in tiredness and childbirth and pain.

How can you be optimistic about your birth and natural benefits?

Marie Mongan's Birth Wrapping Technique Enables Moms to Discover the natural and happy side of birth. According to Mongan, it is very important for women to understand what is happening to a normal, physiological birth, and for that they need reassuring, clear information that helps dispel much of their fears. With Hypnosis, newborn women can learn relaxation, visualization techniques that reduce their anxieties and alleviate the discomfort of childbirth. However, the method does not just imply that the woman learns цnhipnуzis method, a mйlyrelaxбlбst as well as the külцnféle lйgzхtechnikбkat. This method also attaches importance to external wrapping, so a full preparation of the couple before birth is also a part of the program.

Hypnosis, acne

Childbirth hypnosis has been the method used in the 80's in the womb, but Hypnosis is unique in that it is not used by the obstetrician, but by the newborn and the female.
Hypnosis is a scientifically proven effective technique, a relaxed state of mind, that can help to accelerate and enhance our physical and mental well-being and healing processes. With the help of hypnosis, the mother learns to calm down and is able to release all tension: It senses the process in the body, but it does not necessarily feel painful. The mother in Hypnosis is so relaxed, but in the meantime, her active participant is in need.

What are the Benefits of Hypnosis?

With the help of the method, women are calmer, more confident and It'll get better in the birth row. Women who opt for Hypnosis have less need for cesarean section, and less frequently need for sectional or analgesia. Parenting can be overwhelming in many cases. Most importantly, anyone who chooses Hypnosis will have a secure, peaceful, horrific birthright.

Where can you get it?

The Hypnosis Method can be obtained from certified instructors in 45 countries, including Hungary. The original Mongan method can only be learned by instructors in the HypnoBirthing Institute.Related articles about parenting fears:
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