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Pregnant to tattoo?

Pregnant to tattoo?

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Shiny little stones in the shells, light runners running down the spine, or an oriental motif just beside it. We looked at how tattoos change during pregnancy and whether to leave the piercing inside.

Tornea of ​​Kőrös-Vrvarshely sewed her first tattoo, a pantuch, twenty years ago. He hadn't even thought about changing the pattern if he had children. All he asked was what the nicely worked-out predator would look like if his skin began to crack and wrinkle. The 38-year-old mother has since given birth to a baby, and the large, tiny torso-rich torso of the palm has grown a few times, and then shrunk into increasingly unrecognizable shapes.
- I gained 25 kilos with my pregnancies, my skin was open, full and stretched my stomach and waist. I got stuck back and got my stomach tight and flat again, the pad got a big black blob, Tnmea says. - The contours are blurred, the pattern is solid, and only the eyes and the muscular thighs are visible. I have always liked tattooing and pain as well. So, after the birth of my third child, I wondered for a long time about whether or not to take the needles again. When I liked a motif two years ago, I re-entered the salon: three fingers full of spicy, non-figurative drawings around my waist. This tattoo has only killed one baby, my fourth child, Duri, now eight months old. The drawing is still beautiful, showy, and no major changes were made.
It is still possible that I will continue to shape it. I am a hairdresser, I know how harmful chemicals are to the body of my mother, as we do not recommend hair dyeing in general, so I made sure to do the second sew after breastfeeding. I tried to restore the previous drawing, but I did not succeed. Laser removal also occurred to me, but I was told that a pretty, scarred scar like an ancient wound would remain in place, so I resigned. That left me with the black (blotch) patch, which doesn't bother me a bit today, I accepted.

Tetkу, piercing squarely

With many women, it is already time to make an appointment for a (cosmetic) tattoo when it turns out to be a baby. In any case, the practitioner recommends postponing sewing for the sake of protecting the mother and the fetus.

Tattoos should be taken care of

"Every intervention, in this case tattooing or piercing, involves stress on the mother and her baby's body," says dr. Katalin Nagy leather shoe. Because of the altered hormone balance, it is not known how the mother's body reacts to the dye, whose chemical composition and quality are not as great as, for example, medicines. The same ink, which previously had no problem, may have now triggered an allergic reaction. Organic solvents and heavyweights, which are present in many tattoo fluids, are a burden on the body both by mouth and skin and are unpredictable for the fetus or the baby during breastfeeding. Sensitive skin also increases the risk of infection and inflammation. Many infants have more sugar-free blood sugar than before, wounds heal more painfully, and have a greater tendency to become infected.

In the bedroom

There are several web pages where it is risky for infants with tattoos running around their spine to get epidural anesthesia because of the need for ink to enter the body.
"There is still no unequivocal professional experience and opinion in the medical literature," says dr. Hupuczi Petronella anesthesia. - We make every effort to perform anesthesia on a non-pigmented skin. If the sample is located at the point where the anesthetic is administered, then another spinal cord part is sought for, which requires other techniques. The body reacts to all foreign matter. Because there is no unambiguous evidence in our hands, prevention is better.
On the other hand, bodyweight can cause serious problems. Not only are they aesthetically harmful, but they also serve as a gateway for goiters. The skin piercing may occur at the site of piercing, stria formation, or after birth, it may appear as a flabby, wrinkled, two-hole skin, almost sporting, tight belly of the mother. And in emergency situations, it can cause serious difficulties in the mouth, tongue, nose or intimate body, and the removal of jewelry on the goth. Just now, at the time of your pregnancy, we are asking to have them removed at least until the third trimester. By this time, most little moms are getting confused about jewelry anyway.

How's my tattoo coming back?

"All tattoos can be repaired, corrected, but their value depends largely on the color and strength of the existing pattern," says Krisztina Varnna, a tattoo artist at the Dark Art Salon. - The faded patterns can be overlaid and enhanced by the shades of purple, blue, green, gray, and the black motifs are first highlighted by the laser method. The laser will blow up the toner under the skin, and it may take several months later for the skin to lighten up and become tattooed. Many people look for surgical scars, even with stroke removal, but they can only be optically repaired. It is very nice to use a luscious flower motif to correct or groom the imprint of a grafting or a plastic surgery on the abdomen. In addition, the scar-tattooing is much less painful because in this area, the skin is perceived to be insensitive, hardens, and almost dies. However, it is important to adhere to a rule. Before giving our heads a tattoo, it takes at least one year to complete the scar healing process.
Krisztina Várrnai is also an easy solution for those who do not want to give up their bodies and jewelry while under their age. Safe henna can be the solution for them.
"Natural henna is a green paste and paints the skin on orange, red, cinnamon, brick, chocolate or stone, by no means black." - It doesn't last, you can see it on the skin for just a couple of weeks. However, black henna should never be dyed on the skin, this color does not exist naturally, always in combination with some chemical. Dangerous for health, contains paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which may cause allergic reactions, blisters and skin wounds.
If the wearer of the piercing fears that the jewelry will have a boil in place, you may want a silicone or anti-allergic bioplastics body made for color, which is lightweight, elastic, and increases in tummy size.