If the child coughs

If the child coughs

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By coughing, the body responds to stimulation of the pharynx or airways. Cough can be selected from cataract, foreign body, virus, bacterium, allergen or gas.

If the child coughs

Kцhцgйs Many illnesses also present with symptoms. When dry, it is followed by a rapid succession of several short seizures without the patient developing cataracts. The catarrhal fever after a deep breathing starts and thrives. This catarrhal cough does not need to be suppressed with medicine, as otherwise the mucosa does not break from the airway. Gyermekйt you need to take you to a doctor if you are sick for more than a weekand not experiencing any improvement. If you experience further symptoms, you should contact your doctor sooner.

Symptom - Syracuse stimulus

Possible cause:
  • colds - fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, tinnitus may also occur
  • onset of cataract - fever, thirst is also indicated
  • Diabetes Beginning - Typical Seizures Only Two Weeks Less
  • onset of bends - fever, knock-out, inflammation of the larynx
  • onset of pneumonia - other symptoms: fever, abdominal pain, thirst
  • asthma onset - signs of coughing at sleep, early in the morning, or after exercise
  • swollen almonds - conceivable breathlessness, oral breathing

Tünet - Hurutos, hoarse cough

Possible cause:
  • catarrh, other symptoms: fever, shortness of breath
  • Number one, further sign: lung
  • cystic fibrosis, other symptoms: thirst, abdominal pain, constipation
  • pneumonia, fever, abdominal pain, thirst may also occur

Symptom - Dry pencil coughing with sound with inhalation (hot breath, stridor)

Possible cause:
  • foreign body, other symptoms: bloody cough, thirst
  • croupy cough, thirst, fearfulness can occur
  • gonorrhea, other possible symptoms: fever, thirst (danger to life!)

Symptom - Pulmonary Coughing Sponge with Sparkling Sound (Hot Breath, Stridor)

Possible cause:
  • asthma, a further symptom may be thirst
  • foreign body, other symptoms may be: bloody cough, thirst
  • bronchiolitis, other symptoms may be: fever, shortness of breath

Symptom - Bloody cough with cataract or anil

Possible cause:
  • nosebleeds may be another symptom: Bloody vomiting
  • severe flu, other symptoms may include fever, limb pain
  • foreign body, another symptom may be thirst
This article is based on the Helmut Keudel, Barbara Capelle Children's Book.