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Pest County Flуr Ferenc Kуrhбz

Pest County Flуr Ferenc Kуrhбz

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Great hotel, hotel. No wonder this countryside birthplace is also popular with the capital's families. (Let's look at November 2009 status.)

The Kistarcsa Hospital is located on the first floor of the house, and we didn't think that only one door separates us from one of the most pleasantly furnished birthplaces in the country. Dr. Gyor Gyor invites you kindly to his room and tells the story of his class.

Dr. Gyor Gyögy
Photo: Rbtka Йva

- Of course, every development requires money. One room to transform millions, one exam, tens of millions to reconstruct a living room, up to a billion orders of magnitude. No pennies have fallen into our lives, for all our special services, our foundation is hammering money that we spend with incredible insight and planning. In addition, the hospital management provided significant financial and technical assistance. The result: hotel-class, aesthetic, comfortable lounges and living rooms. All alternatives are available in all of my living rooms, convertible with a crib, baby, pool, ball, ribbed wall.
- The guiding principle is to have a level playing field for all the family, not deciding how the baby was born, whether the alternative room was unexpectedly free. The differences are small. One of our rooms has a baby chair called "baby", a special baby chair that the mother can set very finely, according to her own needs, and the father is much more accessible if you want to help. The three parents are one of the jacuzzis, so not only the warm water, but also the relaxing effect of massage.
- But water in the water is a very good thing! says Erika Balbzs, head of the nursery. - Moms love it, many people take it. Dependent posture is also very good in the midst of fatigue and childbirth. Our equipment and approach changed together. At the time of the transformation, we were in Austria studying, so by the time we came back to work in the new room, we were in a state of waterlessness and stillbirth.
- We have a relatively low cesarean section compared to the national rate - says the department head. - We don't rush everyone out to work. Here, after prior cesarean section, they are born more than usual through the vagina. Twins are also "traditionally" born if their placement inside allows. If someone comes with a birth plan, we try to adapt. Of course, we can offer alternatives following the rules of the profession.

Andris snoozes in the family room.
Her mom, Heni, is very fit,
and it fell crippled
Photo: Rbtka Йva

In addition to childbirth, there is a separate children's class at the hospital, they are responsible for the baby. After childbirth, the baby and mom can stay together; In the department, support is provided for breastfeeding on demand, with only a doctor's order being given. The father can move into the single-room room, without having to be separated from the new family members. Three and a half days after birth, a healthy baby and mom can go home.Facts, figures
  • The number of births in 2008 is 2025, constantly rising.
  • The parents have 25 percent cesarean section.
  • There are six double rooms, two single rooms, and two double rooms.
  • There are three single-family rooms in the classroom.
  • The father can't be inside the cup.
  • There is only limited scope for epidural insensitivity.
  • Parenting is possible.
  • The ward has a baby womb, a maternity ward and a premature baby ward.
  • The mother and baby can be visited in the lounge and hallway.