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Puzzle games

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Let's give the kid some light, good quality, simple jigsaw puzzles, show you how to remove and re-insert the pieces. There are two simple ways to get people interested.

The jigsaw develops a bit on multiple fronts

Young children are able to look up through the book by the time they reach school age, so the concepts above do not always control the composition, but they are a good opportunity to practice. Let's pick out some specific and recognizable details and pinpoint their place. The simpler the picture, the easier it will be. Practice part-to-whole recognition, spatial capitalization, and improve craftsmanship. Made of thick cardboard puzzle assemblies we select those with different shapes. With many of the same parts, they are more likely to crave at the age of four. Poly-styrene pieces are better adapted to the children's hands than the wooden cardboard stack. The soft, lightweight, elastic material lets you press and "sinks" into place. Each rectangular table fits a single piece of figure, then the squares can be linked together, cubed or carpeted.
If you are annoyed because you do not snap a piece, you should offer him more freedom to play. THE in a magnetic puzzle for example, basic items - head, hat, body, body - can be put together in a more varied way.
Just a lightweight picture of a cube, it's actually more You can recommend it from high school. You have to look at which side of the cube the required part is and place it next to the other part.
Combined games are great skills, they are a job and a task for a little kid. There are people who, two and a half years ago, are passionately puzzled by the fact that they have become aware of it, while others have shown no interest in these types of games. However, this is not a problem, and with the help of other games, the baby can become smart.
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