Children born with cesarean section are calmer

Children born with cesarean section are calmer

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According to Chinese researchers, newborns assisted by cesarean delivery are calmer and calmer than their vaginal-born counterparts.

According to the researchers, children born with difficult birth (toothed or vacuumed) have a higher degree of behavioral disorder than their congenital births. The report confirms previous findings that surgical births (which are different from cesarean section) increase the level of stress hormone, which also affects the development of children. There are fewer anxious and aggressive children among the congenital neoplasms of mothers, but also less attention and emotional distress.
Professionals examined 4,190 children from the Southeast, 4 and 6 years of age, in their birth control function. The parents had to characterize their children. Children born with a tooth or a vacuum suffered from mental or behavioral disorders with nearly 40 percent greater curiosity. According to the researchers, behavioral disorders can be linked to high levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone released by stress in the body. The highest levels in surgical births (vacuum or tooth assisted births) are measured.
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Playback "Cortisol levels may be linked to childhood mental illness. Further studies are needed in this area," said Jianmeng Liu of the Beijing Reproductive and Pediatric Health Institute. According to the practitioner, this is the first study of the effects of maternal cupping on the behavior of children.
"The number of (electro) cesarean sections performed at predetermined times is also increasing. It is interesting to examine the effect this has on the behavior of children in the future," said Professor Philip Steer, BJ. Like in many other countries, the rate of cesarean section is increasing, one of the main reasons for this is cesarean section on maternal request.
The bulletin was published in the BJOG magazine.
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