Standing in line with a kid: Tips to avoid being scared

Standing in line with a kid: Tips to avoid being scared

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Light lines, warm, airless, the child is running out of patience. And of course in the parents too. Neatness, ready for dhroham. How to Prevent Disaster?

Standing in line with a kid: Tips to avoid being scared

Every parent with a small child knows the situation: there is something to do in the mail, in the pharmacy or just in the store. It is inevitable that these situations are always solved without children. On the other hand, with a child it is often difficult, it takes a lot of patience and creativity to make it relatively easy to break the line.

Let's figure out games for the little ones

  • Let's make some home games. Take it with you and give it at the right moment so you can play with it for at least a while.
  • We can play together: fingers, hands, nose: It's gone hunting ... or my thumb is apple tree, pointing my finger at it ... or Kerecske hills, etc.
  • If you engage with someone in a conversation, you can reward them with valuable minutes.
  • Kids use some shopping carts that they push and pack, so they do something that catches your eye.
  • We can talk about the row: who's what to look for: glasses, tall, hat.
  • Let's tell you one in a row. This can be a classic fairy tale head to head, but we can also tell you what happened to us that day.
  • Let's think that the child will be hungry and thirsty for each one. We bring fruit, sliced, water, Korpovit biscuits.

Larger ones can also have a high level of play

  • Not only can you observe the people in the queue, but you can count them.
  • Barkochbбzzunk.
  • We can collect: eg. let's list words starting with the same voice.
  • We can also make a counterpart: we say a word, the opposite of it, eg. low-high, etc…
  • Get it done, wrap it up on the assembly line, remove it from the shelf before doing so.
If you have stood up in the queue for rehearsal, praise it, you might still get something small.