Cesarean section: the risk is inherent

Cesarean section: the risk is inherent

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You are twice as likely to give birth to a cesarean section if you were born with a cesarean section.

Who is more likely to give birth to a cesarean and will have a cesarean

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences c. study reported that women who were born with cesarean section due to insecurity They are also 2.8 times more likely to give birth to babiesAccording to Index.Bice researchers found that they had twice as likely to have cesarean section as a result of lack of goodwill.Philipp Mitterцcker, a member of the Department of Theoretical Biology at the University of Vienna, has investigated the reason why we are over hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection, since the rate of birth complications is very high. To do this, he introduced a mathematical model in 2016. A narrow pelvis is beneficial for the fetus's progression during childbirth because it eliminates pelvic floor problems but increases the baby's chances of a larger size. Yeah at the same time the tight hips and the big babybut, of course, only a limit: because if the baby is too big, then it does not go through the parent canal. So, natural selection has not pushed evolution over the smaller fetus. In the decades that followed, tйrarбnytalansбg due to cesarean section increased by 20 percent. Since the mid-20th century, the mother and baby have been saved by cesarean section in such cases, essentially the selection that would have guided evolution away from cupping by lower weight babies. The cesarean cow had an effect on evolution.
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