Am I a parent?

Am I a parent?

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There are two breakpoints. One is that every parent sincerely finds his or her way to the child's heart, while the other is the parent's choice to learn.

Strict parenting may not be the goal guide

"We all have memories that we felt painful, injustice, anger in our childhood, whatever our parents were," he says. Szabolcs Turbani, the Speak Like It Interested, Listen It Like Tell It! one of the leaders of Széchenyi communication tréning. "However, similar choices are made in the same way. Some people have forgotten them, or at least do so, and they don't want to face the bad feeling even when they are on the other side." this is the order of the world. Others, who have not rejected the possibility of change, may have promised as early as their childhood that they would do something about it. We may be able to manage a conflict in a different way, but it may just be that they are just trying to they follow their parents' patterns. Some people aren't into this and are looking for other parenting solutions.- I came across a book in a bookstore that suggested just such an attitude - continues Skita Erika, who is a couple of Szabolcs not only in trenning but also in private life. - In addition to immediately liking me, I wanted to introduce it to others. I contacted the authors and started the parent-child communication training. Because the book is good, but in a better group, "alive", we learn about the method that has helped us to understand, accept, and have patience, and teach us to accept our negative perceptions. - Need someone who is stuck in an area? Is it good to be educated? "It's good to improve, you don't have to fail to make someone better at a situation." Many parents sense that bars are trained in a number of areas, child-rearing unknown terrain szбmбra. Most of us are not able to formulate what parents' tasks are. Of course, being a viscera can be a good parent if it has the necessary basic skills and has taken the pattern as a child, but if you become aware of this practice, you have a method that you can use in completely new situations. For example, how does a parent who has grown up with a child face one of the "secrets" of Erika and Szabolcs' method of not knowing whether to breastfeed or to breastfeed for several months. However, you have received many, often contradictory, advice in this regard. You retain the right and responsibility for the decision. Trinely, your attitude and way of thinking will change.

Without hitches

It is only natural for a parent to congregate with an adolescent child. Or with that little boy in high school and, of course, with the two-dimensional cap. But after all, the yearling always wants to go the other way, and the yearling spoils the cookers. The three-month-old didn't want to suck when her son was licking and Lacika prematurely let go of her tummy. If you look at it, the child always does what he or she should, as we as adults say. Fat or not, we believe we are right. Still nothing changes, only our relationship deteriorates. Not everyone thinks that way. There are those who strive for equality in a love relationship from the outset, and some have come to the point of everyday bonding to gain more value in overcoming the other than the loser-the-loser ? Compromise solutions are known, but there is more to win. Edit Szendrei, the Gordon's Trinity Trainer of the Glenon Method says that conflicts can be resolved by consensus.- Knowing political news in the family also means the same as the other parties to whom they are willing to change the relationship vйlemйnyьkцn. Of course, the basic prerequisites are mutual trust, listening to the other, and expressing our own senses and needs.- It's not easy for some grown-ups, what does a kid do with it?- For the good part of the Thirty Throwing Trial, participants practice how to express their sentiments, as this requires you to start with the negative side first, though we always want to appear good. THE Communication based on the Gordon method can be done in about two years at the level of preparation, so it is worth getting started first, and it is not too hot to apply it to get firsthand dementia to be treated or avoided as soon as possible. We practice group trending or less-than-comfortable situations - well, this is also the case in relationships where you have been arguing without success so far.

Szllk's School

Zsufi and Zsolt are expecting their first children, they say they still know nothing about parenting and are interested in the psychological background. Anita wants to be a rousing parent, but she thinks that if she learns something, it will only be good for her child, because she will get a better mother. What he would spend on newer games would rather invest in that, because he thinks the kid is doing better. Orsi and Szilvi are parents of small children, Andrea's godmother, and her own child is still missing - they were simply brought by the inquest Bagdy Emke led by the school of Szekler.- Generally, people who do not have a preconceived idea are approached, what life will be like with a child. They haven't talked about how they are going to conceive a situation, how they will resolve certain conflicts - he says dr. Huddi Bgnes, one of the lectures of the course. Discussions also show that parents think little but not very important things: for example, playing with a little child on the ground, you should play with it, just for the sake of it. The adult doesn't realize how rarely she looks at her baby's eyes because she only looks at her clothes or her hair, even though the little one only sees through the eye contact that the parent is watching.No day she does not see - he was there, but he mobilized and cleaned. So Mom doesn't understand why the little one doesn't poke. Why would she, when she had been cleaning her face for a long time, make it a disgusting thing, and she wouldn't want to do something she didn't like. From a toddler's point of view, the world looks quite different in the way we see it. In order to be a good parent, we need to know their perspective. For an adult childless, this is an unknown point of view. During the lecture, questions have been raised, and Zsolt tells us what he will hear and reconsider. There was something really wrong with them that they didn't even think about, and they asked new questions. Where parents with small children have reassured themselves that they have done well so far, where they have been relieved to change. Still, there is no good parent who can't be better tomorrow. We all love our baby, but we might know better. If you feel like doing it consciously, check out the internet for the opportunity you have. You will also be happier with a good working relationship. Related Articles:
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