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The embryos exchanged the embryos in the Meddera Clinic

The embryos exchanged the embryos in the Meddera Clinic

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Two couples have sued an infertility clinic in the United States, which has exchanged embryos implanted during artificial insemination, and it is only after birth that there is no genetic link between the babies and their babies.

An unnamed Queensian couple filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles-based CHA Clinic a few weeks ago, who had been trying for years to have a child. In 2018, they met two clinic leaders, dr. Joshua Bergerrand Simon Hongand then began a series of treatments lasting for months, at which point they spent about $ 100,000 (about $ 29,000,000). Only the second implantation was successful, but there was some suspicion in the test because ultrasound tests revealed that twin babies were being born, despite the fact that they had previously implanted virgin embryos. The two babies were finally born in March 2019, but it was revealed in the living room that something was wrong. In the bourgeois papers only Y.Z.-And well A.P.-the couple were Korean-born, but the babies weren't. Later, a genetic test revealed that there was no relationship between parents and babies, and even babies were not genetically related. The embryos mixed, exchanged embryos YZ and AP had to give up on the children, and the baby's custody was returned to those biological parents who were also clients of the clinic. " for them, which they may never recover from, "says the couple's filing. However, we do not even know what happened to the girl embryos that should have been implanted in A.P. A few days after the case was made public, the other couple, Anni йs Ashot Manukyan also filed a lawsuit against the clinic, not only because they had their own baby after a long legacy, but the embryo that was placed in Anni Manukyan was not the bitches, but another, unknown pair. "Until March, we didn't even know we had a boy who was carried and brought to the world by a strange woman. It took six weeks for us to get custody. Who's going to see a little girl in the hall?" said Anni Manukyan at a press briefing. "The clinic, without our knowledge, has replaced our embryo, a woman who lives in another part of the world. She has been deprived of the opportunity to wear it out and have it in the very first moments of her life. We got our baby, but he had nothing left. "The third couple (the biological parents of the other twins) didn't want to go public. It turned out that all of them were in the clinic on the same day in August embryo placement.According to California regulations, the clinic has violated embryo management regulations and, if found guilty, may receive up to 3-5 years in prison. (via / via)You may also be interested in:
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