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Mom is 58, granny is 28 years old

Mom is 58, granny is 28 years old

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Two women walking in the park. They are just 30 years old, but now they both push the stroller. One is 28 years old, the other is 58. One is pushing the kid, the other is the cousin. But the show cheats. The young woman is the grandmother and the older is the mother.

It's easy to say good-bye, both the pages and the hungry gossip are finding a grip on both of them. After all, the 28-year-old Kelly John gave birth to the baby at just 14, who has now become a mother at 14. They now have six generations living together; including the 92-year-old grandmother. The grandmother, working as a waiter, did not study any further. She couldn't have done it, since she raised her baby alone. Well, but Carole Hobson, 58, who brought her premature twins out of the townhouse just three weeks ago, was no better. Puccos' lawyer is looking for a nanny to go back to work. After struggling for years with artificial fertilization, he can hardly wait to lure the baby. Of course, he doesn't have to. His couple did not want a baby, such as sperm donors and foreign embryos from ovum donors. But what's the kid like ...

Do you have children at a young or mature age? (Illustrated by us)

Uh, yes. They both get cold and warm. But we are not sorry. If you look at the stroller, both of you know that you don't count who you think because the baby who smiles at them cannot do it all. Bold, shapely and laughing. Rбjuk. Both old moms and young grandmothers alike. And they have nothing to be sorry for. And those who observe them, perhaps, do better than flee and prodigal to the idea that nowadays there are ever greater opportunities for women. There is no end to the world, even if one becomes pregnant at the age of fifteen - and it doesn't matter if he wants to get a little pregnant. Of course, the doctors agree that neither of these is ideal. But let's be honest - ideal conditions never exist.


The burden of teenagers was only on the scandal of today in Europe, and it was the norm in the new generation. Let's just remember what Shakespeare's 14-year-old Julie's mother said: At your age, I was already a mother. And we can be sure he didn't lie. Within a couple of years, the 14-15 year old girls could go to the barefoot without any problems, and began to sneak up on the kids.
You can often see your teenage moms in England and America today. This is not because the girls start dating the other gender earlier, or that they are less careful - they simply get a lot more support if they want to keep the baby, and not the only solution.
Of course, let's not be depicted: the situation is not simple at all. A third of them can only check it off with their baby, and barely 2 of them get to college. And thirty percent of them eliminate their second child within two years, thus excluding themselves from the labor market for years. But not only do they sacrifice their baby for their studies, their lives are also awesome. Most of the contemporary dads do not even want to take such responsibility in the neck, and only fragments contribute to the upbringing of the newborn. And finding another couple with a child is much harder.
However, recent research suggests that early pregnancy has not only drawbacks but also long-term benefits. For thirty years of age, these women earn more and live better than their peers who start their childhoods with a few dozen years. In their thirties, they knew baby problems for themselves, and with teenagers, they could learn and build their careers. In addition, early babies made them into adulthood and developed a bunch of useful abilities: they are more systematic, collected, more trustworthy in their toddler age, and they often look better than they do. The "irresponsible teenage woman" stigma seems to be slowly waning, especially since the media has been biting her. Juno's Oscar-winning film protests the child, but resigns and gives it a go. And in England, America, the teenage mother-in-law's currency show has become the main star of the show.

Our illustration is an illustration


Since the early nineties there has been no final age limit for pregnancy. Earlier in the thirties, the forty-year-old mother of fertility and rarity began to decline, and in the past thirty years, the fertility of artificial fertilization has never been so high today. By 1992, the oldest mother was 53, her latest record was 72.
Of course, the health risks to the mother should not be silenced - pregnancy diabetes, high blood pressure, cervical cancer, abortion, premature birth, low birth weight are all common in the fifty years. In addition, because of artificial insemination, twin birth is common, which only increases health risks.
However, there is a growing social need to push the age boundaries of maternity as we continue to live in good health and women are pursuing more and more careers. But childbirths from China have advantages, both in terms of children and parents.
Children over the age of forty are likely to rejuvenate their parents. Your baby will attract them to active life and chat with their younger parents will help them think younger. Late pregnancy causes the menopause to be delayed and, moreover, it does not bother women so much, because there is no need to mourn lost women when they have a small child.
Whether you are the first to become more of a baby, the little newbie comes to the family, the more relaxed, more accepting the family environment is, the parents and the intelligent can spend more time and money with their parents. And if all this is not enough, it also has a positive effect on the relationship, as it gives the couple a new purpose, so it also helps men from the middle of life.
And the boundaries (what counts for you) are constantly widening. Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for a star to have her first baby forty, and forty-year-old Mariah Carey or Victoria Beckham wouldn't even call her an "elderly parent."