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That's why it doesn't matter if your home is messy

That's why it doesn't matter if your home is messy

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"I have two little kids and two dogs. I can't keep the apartment clean anymore, I do anything," says a mother. You know me, right?

Is it a little messy? She didn't count!

Are you looking for visits, but there is no perfect order? Don't worry! Mother souls will absolutely realize that you are not perfect either. Here's a confession Laura Harristhl, from popular blogger and mom.

"I'm asking for an apology for the mess"

I hadn't even stepped into my friend's house, but my heart was already full of heartache, because he had decided he was listening to my children while I was working. I was sorry because at last there was one person taller than a meter in my environment to whom I was complicit. And I was sorry because their kids were sharing their time and their games with my kids. There's no mess that could have changed my body. Inside the house, I felt like I was a member of an inner circle. That his messy house is my messy house. The people closest to me who know all of my sides are when my hair is wobbly, my dishes are dirty, when my bed is unclean. Because of this, I keep going away sometimes, I'm afraid of being put off by the messy house, or because I always wear my comfortable clothes during my pregnancy. I know this is stupid, but that's the truth. If another mother allows me to see, she's not perfect, if I see her house is messy, it reassures me. I respect and admire such mothers. So if you might be visiting, think about it. You have a mess right now, this is such a phase of your life. Baze in your friends. Probably they also do exactly what you do. So just let them in! They will not despise the mess. The original article can be found here.Related articles in cleaning:
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