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A photographer of a breastfeeding breastfeeding mother keeps her facebook

A photographer of a breastfeeding breastfeeding mother keeps her facebook

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Two astonishingly powerful photos are spreading over the Internet about a morbidly injured woman breastfeeding a newborn baby, giving hope to moms in more similar situations.

A breastfeeding mother photographer should keep the net hot

The photographer got the heartbreaking moment when her newborn baby was breastfeeded by her newborn baby after the removal of her left breast, Fitpregnancy said. THE Kate Murray Photographs of an unknown mother with a third stage cancer on the top of her pregnancy. The photos of the women were taken on Facebook, where she received more than 300,000 lips and 60,000 shares in a matter of seconds. " also, as you will have to continue your anti-cancer treatments after leaving the hospital, "reads a photo posted on the Gentle Birth Options Birth Center on Facebook. "Photographers portray the power and love that breastfeeding mothers have over breastfeeding." Operations related to breastfeeding during pregnancy can be considered safe by the American Cancer Society. At the chemotherapy level, if applied to the end of pregnancy. And when it comes to breastfeeding, a mother is perfectly capable of caring for her baby, since most women produce breast milk in a single breast. "Breastfeeding is a real sacred link," he says Murray. "Seeing the moment you are now experiencing, you are breaking your heart and happiness all at once."Related Articles:
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