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The changed camille

The changed camille

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Let's make a fun game.

I do not know what this is, but we have again avoided the "wish for mercy" story. My little son will soon have a birthday, and of course he wants a dog. Or a cat, but you will also have fun, and in the end, a cat will. The first floor apartment of the townhouse.And I love animals, and I have a dog, a cat, and even a chicken, a pig in the countryside it would be if we had a camel or a gecko and х, that is, my little son would breed the beetles for them. Let's say in our bathroom. Let's say it would be good for you. I had already imagined the needles, pebbles beside your bathtub multiplying there, and a lou would graze in the hall, which it would fill completely. In the meantime, so that my baby boy can relax and I also have some time, I quickly suggested that we make a camel game. You can paint, I end, the camel will change the color.
Do you sound good?
2 pieces of paperboard
watercolors or felt-tip pens
sniccer, ch
hobnailOne of the paperclips should be painted by the child.While he is working, draw the camelion on another paperboard. If you can't draw a camelion, you can find such a template or color on the web.Cut out the shape with a sniccer, making sure the chameleon eyes are shaped from the bowl. Let's stick a moving eye here.Let's fasten the two tracks with a yoke.
If the upper track is rotated, the chameleon will change color. Yo!Anikу Rбcz's blog is HERE.