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We can vote on drawings of some of the world's dearest pediatricians

We can vote on drawings of some of the world's dearest pediatricians

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Launched with the participation of the 5-12 year olds, Astellas Pharma and the Astellas Children's Drawing Complaint Board for the Moura Book Publishers Public Care.

Votes can be submitted through the polls available on the application's Facebook page within the next two weeks. The best of the 5-6, 7-9, and 10-12 age bracket winners of the competition. Children's word-of-mouth, lazy and heart-rending drawings recall a number of memorable moments and stories from the order or just the time they spent in the hospital. Although the appeal of the petitioner did not make it obligatory, besides their drawing many people stuck to pen and worded it because their doctor is the dearest in the whole world. You can view the children's special love stories, sometimes touching stories, and artwork submitted on the application website.
Entries will be judged shortly by the jury of the competition, which is completely independent of online voting. Jury members: Janikovszky Jбnos, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mura Publishers, Erika Bartos Story and Drawing, Edit Varga, MTVA Editor-in-Chief, dr. Péter Hauser pediatric specialist, dr. Szabolcs Badacsonyi, chairman of the editorial board of the Children's Court Review, dr. Ilona Rigler, head of the Heim Pöll Children's Hospital Center for Emergency Hygiene, and István Kalmár, known for illustrating numerous domestic children's books. The jury-nominated applicants win the competition and receive valuable prizes.