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"I was born in the country": salmon privately, baci lives in the state

"I was born in the country": salmon privately, baci lives in the state

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It is not possible to draw far-reaching conclusions from what a person is born based on the experience of a person, but in Hungary, there are some specific stories that are worth sharing and discussing.

"I was born in the country": salmon privately, baci lives in the state

Anett - England

In the summer of 2014, I arrived at a tiny hospital in London with ten minutes of pain, expecting my first child, and terribly afraid. The caretaker baby looked a bit strange to us, explaining that it would be better for us to go home because we were coming too soon. At that time, we were living in the exterior, a towering house in an 18th-floor apartment that was two blocks from the borough and where the elevator occasionally said boredom. On Saturday night, the taxi companies had a tremendous amount of traffic, another long wait, and who knows how much carriage we would expect. I didn't want to risk it, because I wasn't able to gauge the situation, and the ten-minute coyote seemed to me like the baby would be born in a moment or two. Fortunately, her baby finally regretted and allowed us to stay. The haunting atmosphere of the hospital at first glance captivated us when we chose the main aspect to feel, as if we were home. I imagined getting into the cozy pool, getting some cool gas, and having a baby in my eyes a little shorter. Whoops. Those who are newbies don't have to show that they rarely (or maybe never) get this easy. I had pains in Iran and had no idea what to do. For all my questions, I have the answer that this is a natural birth and trust in my urges. Francis, from that sentence I leaned against the wall. If it was my second birth, I might have been able to let myself go, but I just became more and more depressed, I didn't understand why my head was so, and I almost begged someone to tell me how not to do it hurt my baby. Bepбnikoltam. Fortunately, my little son helped me. When my amniotic fluid ran out, they found a little dirt in it, komplikбciу was to be transferred to a well-equipped hospital where I was in professional care. My life was saved by this little malar, because after birth I was given a blood that could not be stopped immediately, vйrбtцmlesztйst I also received. In the aftermath, it turned out that this situation could not have been dealt with properly in the family hospital. I don't even dare to think what would have happened if we had stayed there, but fortunately everything went well, we had a beautiful, healthy baby and we could leave the church five days later.

Bea - Svbjc

There was a chaos in the living room, I knew that Marci had managed to get out, but he didn't let me know, the whole thing was horrible. The room was spinning with me, and at that moment I was doing the worst that a mom could feel. We don't even know what happened after my son's icing stopped, but it was a miracle when after the reinstatement I was able to keep it in my arms. However, this condition left a profound impression on both of us, and the effect of the trauma Marci did not develop as much as his peers. We would have liked to have taken it to a development program, but we have not found an organization in Switzerland that deals with the care of sick, dysfunctional or premature babies. Finally, we have concluded a statute in Gyor. We've brought Marci here three months a month, thanks to the staff at the foundation, and now he's absolutely fine, alive, playing, and just as alert as his peers. However, we still had a really wonderful condition that helped our son's mental recovery. stress-relieving massage, which has been developed to give birth to infants who have had a traumatic outcome. We were not asked to try it. The therapist visited us a few times, and although my husband was initially skeptical, he first realized that the method worked. Marci's stomach went from one instant to the next. The miracle happened during the Mason's fourth visit, when he organized a so-called "Reversal" ceremony for our son. The whole thing was like a magic spell. First, he bathed Marci in the bath, who, during this time, had made moves that he had never done before. Then we all went into the room, lying there on the bed, busting the baby back and forth on our naked chest. What was happening at that time was indelible in my memory. Marci's view stalled with a sudden gesture, just as he had at birth in the birth canal, and the masseur had repeatedly gestured to him, even though her little one had cried out in a hateful voice like never before. Then she got up to my breast and fell asleep. Previously, I was unable to rest on my chest. I was delighted that this ceremony gave us the precious urn we lost after birth.

Gergely - Romania

What's more about the situation in Romania is that while salmon is served in the private houses for lunch, people in state institutions die because of inadequate hygiene conditions. Shortly before my son was born, we moved to Brassou, and I didn't think much of my wife to be born under public or private circumstances. Of course we chose the private house, and here we had the opportunity to take advantage of a service like papa-mama courseswhat may seem to be a basic service in Western Europe is generally not ours. We all had to pay 1,500 euros, but this money is nothing if I think they were both safe. so the less medical intervention the better. After all, they still had a minor problem with the use of cesarean section, but my wife and the little one also had a good time with the problems. It is not typical in Romania to eat the food of the village, nor is it delicious, almost fairy-tale. However, the health care system has some special features. In Romania, men are also required to take at least one month of parental leave during childbirth, which is diapering freedom can run in the cheese here. During this time, the mother has to go to work, but let's face it, this is nonsensical, since it's a month. However, if the mother does not go to work, she must spend this period on unpaid sick leave. I think that is what we usually say about iron hoops. The article appeared in Maternity Magazine. You can subscribe here. Related articles in parenting:
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