A teacher wrote a desperate letter to indicate the great trouble

A teacher wrote a desperate letter to indicate the great trouble

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The teacher holds courses in chemistry, ethics, English, and physics, although they do not have specialization in German or German.

Letter from a Desperate Teacher (photo: iStock)Reading a letter to wmn by a desperate teacher. "I'd most like to stand up, run to the ministry, and put it in the dignified person's face," That's it! "Begins Bianka, who feels like they are spilling everything they've ever learned," osztбlyomat. I have a super seventh grade. I work in a completely ordinary state elementary school with eleven yrs. I like collectivity, my word has grown around me. And it is my heart that refrains from what my mind has been saying, "Flee until you are tired!" In the school where Bianka teaches, physics classes in the class, and once a week in English ... with a German exam. Because. None. Man. "And a week ago, he also takes the sun, because his colleague got sick and can't get him back." And just be typing what comes out thirty or so. More than a minute.
I worked fifty-six Urmas that week, with repairs, parents, and organizing a holiday. But we think it's impossible for that to be the amount of work. "Bianka makes $ 230K anyway. But if that doesn't work out, the letter also says that the school board is free to post on Facebook, with which her boss agreed.
"I have not become a teacher! I do not want to be a baby-sitter, no statistician, I do not want to be an administrator, but an educator who innovates my subject and enthusiastically teaches me."
"How long do you say, how long?" The full letter can be read here.
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