Judit's Diary - Week 21 and Beliefs About Sexuality

Judit's Diary - Week 21 and Beliefs About Sexuality

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To deny it, I was asking a lot about my intimate friends about how intimate they were and how their libidos changed. The fact that there is a lot of falsehoods circulating in this topic is a mild expression.

The last time I hit my head was when I watched Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore in The Undead Status. It happens that after many, many weeks of withdrawal, she would end up in a horror queue when she first senses fetal movement. It's so crazy that she's close to her boyfriend that now she's having sex with a doll because she thinks it might harm the baby. What is it? Yes, the movie was not made yesterday, and according to the science of day-to-day science, science progresses day by day, but still… what a stupid thing? How can a baby be happy if his mom is happy and feel that his dad loves his mom?
I am also full of hippies with the notion that a man, if he says he is so stupid as to go with the other buck, should be punished with a shrug. I do not know whose performance, I would punish myself if I did not have the physicality in my life, as it is just one manifestation of love. Well, but don't run so far from the show because I wanted to talk about the stupid things.
Lying if I said something like the truth: I was so tired in the first two months (as I said at the time) that I slept twelve a day, sometimes I only had enough sex at nine o'clock in the evening not even on a mental level for days. Since my profession is communication, I asked the professional to have some patience, I don't even know where I am with my face and then, on the night of my sleep, get back to the thing.
But as the weeks went by, and I regained my energy, I was craving for not only fruit but other things as well. At the time, I wrote several articles in the topic that have been supported by certain researches that hunger for food and sex comes from a turkish person who loves to eat and selectively results in the same thing. Or, take a look at the guy, what he eats, and draw some conclusions from it! This is also true for women. In my second trimester, my eating habits are largely characterized by the fact that many, many times, and a little rest can come again.
But since I'm trying to be a careful mom right now, I talked to my son-in-law (whom I managed to embarrass again) to see if I could do anything for the baby. After answering Nimi's blueprint, there was no one, then he pressed the button and began grinding the paper. Sex cannot cause miscarriage or harm the baby as the baby is protected in the envelope. Orgasm can not cause premature birth, and although happiness hormones can be triggered in the last few weeks, before the time comes, there is no need to worry about it anymore. If there is no vaginal bleeding, no dripping fetal water, no premature infections, and the mumps is out, nothing can go wrong. And here you have said what I love about her, whatever tickling sensation I have, can make me embarrassed. "Mom! If you believe that your baby cares for what you have, what's wrong? By the time you are born, you will know that your parents love each other, and your father will weaken his mother with weakness. You don't have to. egymбsnak! "
Bar, I need to quote Angelina Jolie, too, since she's right. She said her husband was not disturbed by physical changes, and even pregnancy gave rise to creative sex. Well, the growing tummy at times is really funny, and it is a fact that some bushes are more laughable than comfortable. But perhaps it's not too much of a problem to have a rush of acrimony at times. Because you have to know how to laugh. Even in bed. Because the kid watches. I'm sure.