Caries is the most common disease in the world

Caries is the most common disease in the world

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According to research, caries are the first of the 291 most common diseases in the world, which, if left untreated, can have serious consequences.

Tooth decay is the most common disease

Dr. Krisztina Benkх, according to your Oxygen Medical dentist, proper treatment can prevent both tooth loss and serious illness.

Nearly a billion people here

The Global Burden of Disease study from 2010 found that among the 291 most common diseases in the world, the first number one problem is untreated dental caries - or tooth puncture - which is 35 percent of the world's population. Billions of people suffer from this toothache, stuttering and sleep problems.
Even more staggering is the fact that the research did not look at smaller holes and diseases, but focused on serious dental diseases. These include untreated caries, severe tooth inflammation and tooth loss. In addition, the incidence of these diseases has increased by 20 percent in 20 years, probably mainly due to aging of the population.

The cause of tooth decay

- Unfortunately, it is possible that a tooth can be punctured mainly due to the lack of irregular tooth care. For if we do not remove the remnant of our teeth several times a day, plaque will form. And sheets are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that produce acids. These acids break down the tooth enamel, and when they enter the surface, they begin to break down the layers of dentin and eventually spread to the tooth.
Opacification of the enamel surface may be an initial sign of caries, which can only be detected by dental examinations - emphasizes dr. Krisztina Benkх. - Tooth decay may be another symptom, with few people going to the doctor at all times, although a simple seal would save the tooth. Gaskets can be made of different materials, modern gaskets are dental and chemically attached to the tooth. If the deterioration is more advanced and the tooth is constantly running, day and night, it will probably need root treatment.

The best solution is prevention

Pain and caries are the best ways to prevent them. The first step in this is proper oral hygiene, first and foremost thorough brushing. Well, if we learn the right technique, we can do the wrong things with too much force, we can, for example, scratch our teeth and so do our own pain.
It would be important to learn how to use dental floss and / or toothbrushes. When using mouthwashes, it is worth asking your dentist for advice, as certain benefits are only available for a limited time.
In addition, it is important that you consult a dentist not only when you experience pain, but also to have your teeth checked regularly, at least annually. Problems discovered over time can be greatly prevented by the professional, professional oral hygiene treatment, eradication of tartar, increased fluoride intake, preventable antibacterial treatments, or irreversible fibrillation.
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