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The age of the male also influences whether the baby will come together

The age of the male also influences whether the baby will come together

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Research has shown that a man's older age can be correlated with a reduction in the quality of semen, sperm motility and volume.

The older a man is, the more likely he is to worsen

We can say that a man is fertile if he is able to conceive a woman. If the baby does not want to come together in a couple, 40-50% of the baby is the reason. In these cases, the causes are mostly related to the quality and quantity of sperm, the deterioration of which, in addition to unhealthy lifestyle, is often attributable to the stronger non-adult age. Male infertility over the age of 35 can affect up to 5 out of every 5 pairs, according to statistics.

Chances are low

90% of males between the ages of 20 and 39 years contain mature sperm.
50% of the semen between 40 and 69 years old contains mature sperm.
About 80% of the males over 80 years of age and over contain mature sperm.According to some studies - although no clear correlation has been found - the advanced age of the father can also affect the health of the baby to be born. An Israeli study found that men aged 40 or over were more likely to develop it. autism spectrum disorderlike the seedlings of dads under 30 years old. Currency is a skizofrйnia formation has a similar effect on the age of fathers - although there is no unequivocal evidence. With all this in mind, in the United Kingdom, for example, sperm banks do not accept sperm donors from the age of 40 onwards.

Other important factors

As in the case of women, there are some other factors that play an important role in maximizing fertility:
- genetics
- a healthy lifestyle
- ideal body weight (no excess weight, no malnutrition)
- smoking, alcohol, busting drugs
- avoiding strenuous sports (eg horseback riding, cycling)
- excessive heat avoidance (eg sauna, hot bath)
- Testosterone-containing Products Bust If your baby is over 35 years and less than half a year, it is worth consulting a specialist.Related Articles:
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