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So develop your baby's brain!

So develop your baby's brain!

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Take a peek into your baby's boxer, and follow it from year to year to a delightful pace of development! There is no such time in life!

The baby is studying

Like onion leaves, the layers of the brain roll over each other. The individual layers are arranged first, the innermost "heart" tabs. Each stratum has its own role, but each develops only in a "positive work environment". There are two things you need to do: a sense of security and a close relationship, challenges and the need to encourage discovery of the world.

The limbic system is responsible for the senses

The brainstem is an overlying area, the limbic system it comes into action when something moves out of our emotional equilibrium, such as fear or anger, such as bad luck, or just success. The limbic system transmits the incoming signal to the brainstem, and it provides a bodily response to the sensation: the pain begins to wane, and the heart is accelerated by fear. The limbic system you can see the effect on your baby's triumphant facewhen, after persistent struggle, he managed to get to the end, clinging to a chair. No, you don't think about that, because you're making him happy! So you can experience the limbic system yourself!

Mirror neurons help in understanding

All special nerve cells, a tьkцrneuronok they work when you play with your baby. If you open your eyes wide, they will do so, if you laugh, you will re-name them. The brothers discover this game themselves. Half-figure is nothing more interesting than imitating a few-year-old sibling. Mirror neurons come into action not only when we do or sense something, but also when we see it. do something like action or sensation. With this "technique" the baby is doing a lot of things against you or your bigger sibling. So, turneurons play a big role in learning as well as in understanding.

The area of ​​study is the cerebral cortex

Have you ever wondered what drives your baby to try to grab something to catch it? He stretches out for weeks, swings around, falls his nose, and then begins to mimic. If Lukrice is not in a hurry, now his tail is damned! learning process the cerebral cortex occurs over the area of ​​the limbic system. This area holds everything we've learned so far in our lives. When we think again, the brainwave recognizes existing knowledge and, on that basis, makes it easier to succeed. The cerebral cortex sends a quick message to the limbic system: Launch the production of happiness hormones! This will help your baby, toddler and adult continue to practice, whether it is getting ready, riding a bike, learning a language or driving a car. Not to mention the difference calculator!

The forehead is the home of our person

Why are we just what they are? Confident or suspicious, warrior or patient, talkative or taciturn? Why do we see the world in the same way as the rest of us? frontal lobe develops due to his work. This area in front of the cerebral cortex stores and processes our experience. Based on our experience, we make our decisions here, and it is here that we develop the image of ourselves and the world. This is an area that is human and everyone makes us different personalities.The little person is constantly evolving. When you choose to have your newborn baby, you breastfeed if you are hungry, you embrace the toddler, if you fall, or you carry him or her when you have fun - and you have all the experience your brow needs to have, explore.