Mobility during pregnancy does not cause neurological problems in the child

Mobility during pregnancy does not cause neurological problems in the child

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Previously, numerous studies have investigated the potential impact of using cell phones during pregnancy on the neurological development of the child.

Is mobilization good for the fetus?

A Norwegian study has concluded that a negative relationship is not observed, ie, it is considered to be safer during a mobile call. " the results of which are not really consistent, "he says Dr. Eleni Papadopoulou, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, a research leader. "Although our research is observational and not experimental, our results do not support the hypothesis that the use of mobile phones can .Paired data from 45,389 Norwegian mother-children in the study. The mothers filled out a questionnaire about their cellular phone habits, and the children were examined at 3 and 5 years of age for neurological observations. Somewhat surprisingly, it turned out that if the mother used a cell phone more often during pregnancy, her children had better abilities than the children of less-talking mothers. His senior researcher said that the positive effect was tested in combination with other factors (eg school performance, socio-demographic situation). However, she does not believe that her mother's use of a mobile phone during pregnancy is one that leads to a more favorable situation, but rather a backdrop (such as a favorable financial situation) that our research did not elicit. All in all, it does not encourage pregnant women to make phone calls, but those who eg. because of their work, they are reluctant to use this tool anymore, and in their opinion, they may rest a little that they do not harm the baby.