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Isn't the chastity right?

Isn't the chastity right?

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In the past, pasta is not a well-known name in the diet, but now it looks like we can lose weight.

According to materials published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes, with thousands of Italian contributors, significant consumption of pasta segнtsйgйvel the бltalбnos йs hastбjйki elhнzбs elkerьlhetх "Felfedeztьk that egyйni szьksйgletekkel цsszhangban tцrtйnх tйsztafogyasztбs hozzбjбrul of the egйszsйges testtцmeg index kialakulбsбhoz, csцkkenti the derйkbхsйget йs egйszsйgesebb derйk-csнpх arбnyt eredmйnyez." - бllнtja the kutatбst vezetх George Pounis. Previous Research a mediterrбn йtrend they have a positive effect on the word, but this is more of a guideline than a draft of specific foods. The emphasis is on fruits, greens, whole grains, pepper, beans, olive oil, fish and fowl.

There is no problem with time consuming pasta

"So far, however, relatively little information has been raised about what is happening to diets and how regular dietary intake is affecting health, body weight. Now, it seems that On the contrary, "says Pounis. The specialist and his team analyzed two studies involving more than 23,000 Italian adults, but did not identify the amount of food that we could still consume. We are sure that we will be able to reach the limit of intake of nutrients, but in the case of a balanced diet there is a place for pasta.They may also be interested in:
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