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Saint Borbala Kourrbaz, Tatabanya

Saint Borbala Kourrbaz, Tatabanya

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The Komárom-Esztergom County Municipal Government has more than a hundred newborns a day in the center of gravity. (Let's look at June 2009 status.)

dr. Mihбly of Molnber
Photograph: Melyvnz

Although the big number reduction in the country did not avoid the Tatabánya County, in-patient traffic increased in the department, the number of surgeries and fortunately the number of parents!
"Mothers come to us because they are greeted with friendly conditions, purity, and good discipline," says dr. Mihбly Chief Medical Officer of Molnber. - We stick to certain rules, and I believe that these are my rules because the health of newborns and old women floats in front of my eyes. Parents welcome parents or other selected relatives, but we do not allow anyone in the maternity ward. I do not want visitors to disturb their relaxation, breastfeeding or their daily routine. Babies can be brought to the door by mothers and presented through the window. We have a living room, they open one from the other, but each has a door to the corridor where the relatives are transported. The row of nursing rooms is closed by the achenes, so in a minute the distressed mother can get to the operating room. The nursery has a two-wheeled butterfly, where we do exams, but the pregnant mother is free to move as she feels good. The same applies to someone who is already lying in the living room, not required to lie down.
Mothers can request epidural anesthesia, and cesarean section is performed in a spinal anesthetic, so that the mothers can get to know their baby immediately. We prefer to use a specific delivery guide on the vagina, which will make the baby feel considerably more smooth, but this should be bought by the mother.

In the surgery, Chief Molnber is in the process
performs a cupcut
Photograph: Melyvnz

The chief physician also said that the so-called programmed birth often occurs in the ward. There are strict rules for this, but once all conditions are met, the time has come and the room is open, and they are happy to live. The advantage is that the entire staff is available, statistics show that the rate of post-partum surgery is less frequent. In any case, a pediatrician is also required to be present at all times. In a circular style, you almost want to have rooming-in rooms on one side and the other rooms where the mother is placed without her newborn. The three-bedded rooms also have a bathroom. You can also choose a single room, but there is a fee for this.
"Although most of us would talk about moms on rooming, we could only do this very gently," says Molnár, chief medical officer. - We tell you, in these four days, you can almost learn baby care. I like to see her bathe, or if she doesn't dare, she's baby-napping her newborn mother. And then the all-day breastfeeding opportunity was not even mentioned!Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births in 2008 was 1358.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 34%.
  • The first-to-second obstacle clearance is mandatory.
  • The trimming, shaving is standard.
  • In the case of a vaginal birth, mothers are allowed to return home after four days, and two or more days after cesarean section.
  • There are 24 room room-s in the children's class.
  • The work of the department is also supported by self-defense and self-help psychologists.