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Born Born - Preventive Developmental Abnormalities (X)

Born Born - Preventive Developmental Abnormalities (X)

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There is a lot we can do for our newborn baby during pregnancy, and even before conception. How can we prevent developmental abnormalities? We talked about this with Prof. Endre Czeizel, a medical geneticist, and dr. Prikidбnovit Emesй.

- Vitamins play a special role in the health of the baby being born. Recent research has shown that certain vitamins are capable of preventing malformations due to a defective gene, says Professor Czeizel. - It is therefore important that fetal vitamins are present in the mother's body at the very moment of conception. However, dietary intake is difficult to administer; for example, in order to cover the amount of foliage needed by a pregnant mother, she would have to consume 15 tons of donuts a day. I don't think any of us would love to do this every day.
- In recognition of the increased need for vitamins during pregnancy, and the difficulty in reproducing, researchers have developed the Elevit multivitamin combination, which is specifically designed to support breastfeeding, breastfeeding, and breastfeeding mothers. Emese Prikidбnovits, fellow at Bayer Hungária Kft.
- The composition of fetal multivitamins is very important for the effect of the formulation. Vitamins and minerals can have a significant influence on the absorption and effectiveness of each other, so it does not matter how and how much we combine them.
In pregnant women, it is particularly important to test the complexities of the compounds. It is possible that some components may not affect the development of the fetus, but in combination, some unwanted side effects may occur.
The efficacy and safe use of Elevit fetal multivitamin in clinical trials have also been confirmed - reports dr. Prikidбnovits Emese. - Clinical studies of the efficacy of Elevit have been performed with approximately 10,000 Hungarian pregnant women. During the studies, the incidence of neurodevelopmental disorders was reduced by 92% with the use of Elevit.
However, it is important that you start taking Elevit Pronatal N at least one month before your planned pregnancy so that your body's stores are full of vitamins and minerals that are needed during pregnancy. It is also important that you start taking vitamin A before conception, because serious birth defects can occur as early as the 15th day of pregnancy, when your mother is not even aware of your pregnancy. Prikidбnovits Emese.
The unique combination of Elevit, which has been clinically tested, helps the woman's body to get pregnant, protects the health of the fetus, as it can prevent the development of maladaptive disorders and neurodegenerative disorders. In our country, hundreds of thousands of babies have contributed to the health of the past 10 years. As a result of this, Elevit became the most frequently chosen multivitamin for pregnant women in Hungary.
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