Legal improvement with the Dawn method!

Legal improvement with the Dawn method!

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Our baby Dorothy is the second child in the family. A sweet, balanced, calm, sweet baby who ate, smiled and slept from the first minute. A month ago, I realized that I could barely soap in the bath under the anthem.

We tickled it, massaged it, we didn't make a difference. One of our friends was just studying for DSGM, and when they came to visit, I asked him to see Dorotty. He was keen on the assignment, and was dealing with an uber-native of our little child, and on the advice of a trained professional, Margit Hubikné Klein.
For the first time, we got a 15-minute exam, just because Margaret had cut her time off. There it was immediately discovered that there was plenty to do, so we started to go for treatment. The first "treatment" has had its effect. The rigid, tight muscles were simply relaxed and felt for laymen, both before and after the treatment. Then, when Margit was interrogating the exam, light came to light. Really, his head is always stingy, his head is always turned to an office while he is sleeping, his legs can't be straightened, he "flips" to the left, has a stomach, often squints, he moves his body to an office ...
In the past, several of our friends had gone to the Gymnasium and said their children were crying. I was prepared for that. I think we should pry / pry now rather than have visibly impaired mobility. The treatment itself is not painful, but only unpleasant. When I took over Dürrik, he always quit immediately, and during the intervening period I did not experience any anxiety from the treatment.
Dorottya's movements gradually evolved and changed. By the time he was seven and a half months old, he had reached age-appropriate levels of movement, and he had even surpassed them by eight months, as he was up and sideways.
According to the Pet Protocol, neurological examination and control are needed for everyone who needs treatment. It was reassuring to hear from an independent doctor that we were progressing well. According to a neuroscience doctor, one of the control tests said: "We have often wondered about the success of the Dental Treatment. This is a great example of this."
Personally, the method helped me a lot. I blamed Szllken for myself because of Durrika's stiff muscles. At first, I thought I could have been much smarter with my baby, and I couldn't tell my baby not to think about it. The realization that there is effective help, and I will do my best for my child, has unlocked it. It is an indescribable happiness for a parent to see the baby's movement move from day to day and start. It is a great happiness to overcome other difficulties in the middle. I still have goose bumps, and my eyes are light when I think back to a teaching in the Gym at Law, where the mom hugged the baby when she lifted her baby when she lifted her baby.
Hereby, I would like to say goodbye to all the gymnastics practitioners trained at Anna's School who have helped me with my baby, especially Margit Hubikné Klein, who led us to complete healing. Gajgnny Molnber Hajnalka