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Home mats can cause such illnesses

Home mats can cause such illnesses

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You can detect the substances in our homes from the blood and urine of children. Furniture, electrical appliances, flooring - much of everything that appeals to us all - contains materials.

You are covered with vinyl or vagyn. children living in homes with furniture treated with antifouling materials have significantly higher concentrations of potentially harmful semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in their blood and urine than their counterparts who do not have any of these substances in their homes.The materials found in our homes can be linked to a number of diseases "Semi-volatile organic compounds have been used in a wide range of applications in electrical appliances, furniture and materials, and can be detected in almost all indoor environments," he said. Heather Stapleton, a colleague at the university. He added: "People are regularly exposed to these substances, especially small children who spend most of their time between the walls and are much more exposed to the chemicals found in household dust than the US". ) йs elindнtott 2014 egyьttmыkцdйsйvel Boston University hбromйves kutatбs keretйben tanulmбnyoztбk the illйkony fйlig organic vegyьleteknek valу home kitettsйg hatбsait addition csalбdbуl szбrmazу 190 203 gyereknйl.A rйsztvevхktхl йs urine within the vйrmintбk kutatуk elemeztйk homes levegхjйt the beltйri port йs the bъtorokbуl collected foam samples. The researchers found that in the blood of children who had polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in their homes that had a foam-filled sofa in the living room, they had a six-fold higher concentration of PBDEs than those in the living room. According to the Exposure to PBDEs has something to do with neurodevelopmental disorder, obesity, thyroid problems, cancer and other diseases.According to the results, the concentration of benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) derivatives in the urine of children everywhere in the home was 15 times higher than in those who had no vinyl. phthalates are associated with a variety of respiratory problems, skin irritation, multiple myeloma (malignant neoplasm) and reproductive problems.
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