Creator of the Little Mole, Zdenek Miler, has died

Creator of the Little Mole, Zdenek Miler, has died

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Zdenek Miler, a Czech cartoonist and director, the Czechoslovakian cartoon character and world-famous Czech father-in-law, the creator of the Little Bloodwalker, died Wednesday in Prague.

Zdenek Miler has devoted almost his entire life to the story of the Little Mole - out of seventy cartoons, about 60 are his Little Mole. Miler is also known for his book illustrations, and his special drawings can be found in more than forty children's books. From his illustrated books, he has sold more than a million copies.
The Plague Character of the Little Mole also made a two-week passage this year. On board the American Endeavor, Andrew Feustel, whose mother was born in the South Moravian city of Znojmo, took her aboard. Krtek, the original Czech name for the Little Mole, was a part of Feustel's small personal luggage.
"I chose Little Mole because the figure captures the imagination of both children and adults. The Czechs have been honored for generations," said the astronaut. "We hope that Little Adventures' adventure will inspire younger generations to realize that their dreams are within reach," he added.
The plush mole was produced by the Moravská Ustrenda co-operative, which last year generated $ 1.5 million in revenue from the figure. The Krtek franchise has brought in millions of dollars a year for the kitchen inventor and also for a few companies in the market.
The 90-year-old Miler made his first little mole cartoon when he was given the task of showing the children how the costume was made. The creator tried to figure out an animal character that hadn't been "shot down" by Disney animators. Walking through the field, this was exactly what he was thinking about when he stumbled upon a mole body. This is how the Little Mole Trousers cartoon was born, which in 1957 won the Venetian Ezl Lion Award. The last issue of the Little Mole series was published in 2002 and no new book was published since 2004.

In 2006, Czech President Václav Klaus awarded Zdenek Miler a high standard of living.