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In small babies, just crying, fluttering, fever can refer to this particularly painful, unpleasant disease, and the bigger ones can tell you what the head is.

Fuck me!Two types of inflammation can be distinguished in the case of ear infections: otitis media and otitis media. External inflammation occurs almost exclusively in the summer because the children go to the swimming pool or beach. The most affected age group for otitis media is between the half-and three-year-olds. The reason for this is that we have the shorter, so shorter paths to reach the eardrum sooner.

Cold inflammation

The cause is very simple, the water runs into the children's ears and is predominantly dermatitis, the term "dermatitis", which causes the infection. Because in this special area, the cartilage and the skin are covered with a very thin layer, and many sensitive nerve diseases are found here, so the children feel very painful, so they do not feel sick at all. different bacteria get into the eardrum along with water, which causes the infection. " - He told dr. Soldier GborHe is the chief physician of the Heim Pбl Children's Hospital Ful-Nasal and Bronchologic departments.

Dr. Soldier Gbor boreally
Heim Pбl Children's School

During cleansing, water can remain in the ears, cleansing pads can flush the skin, introduce infections, and infect. Inflammation causes swollen tissue in the eardrum, further narrowing the eardrum, which makes it harder to heal. The treatment of inflammation of the external ear canal consists primarily of clearing the broken, stripped sperm cells, and the accumulated debris.


Another variant of the diseases affecting the ears is otitis media, which is one of the most common diseases in kindergarten children. Most of the time we meet him in the autumn-winter months, but it is not uncommon in the cooler spring season. A kind baktйrium- or vнrusfertхzйs nyomбn kialakulу savуs gyulladбs or pus, which fхbb tьnetei addition to the high lбz йs fбjdalom.Ezek the kцzйpfьlgyulladбsra jellemzх the lбtvбnyos hallбscsцkkenйs that rendkнvьl riasztу the szьlхk szбmбra, since small is not paying attention when szуlнtjбk not vбlaszol. However, the smaller the child is, the more common the symptoms are: sickness, irritability, sleeplessness, possibly nausea, vomiting. If it is associated with hypodermic fibrillation, it may indicate a disease. Although it is caused by bacteria, the inflammation is not one of the infectious diseases. Of course, the other children in the sick child's environment are slightly at risk for drip infection, but this is not the same as the capacity to infectate varicella. Doctor Soldier refers to "ping-pong" as an infection because children often give this disease to one another in the community. In the most severe cases, even in life-threatening cases, purulent inflammation spreads to the brain and can therefore develop in the brain. The development of this depends to a large extent on the child's ability to perform locally. However, even if you are poorly treated or do not receive help in good time, you may be at serious risk of becoming ill.

Prevention and treatment

Unfortunately, there are few effective methods to prevent the disease. However, with a good lifestyle, well-balanced nutrition, enough sleep and sports, and providing immunizations, you can effectively reduce the symptoms of CNS inflammation. They are the most potent of the body's immune defenses. Once the disease has developed, it is necessary to treat fever and analgesia, fluid intake, or, to a lesser extent, local warming. When properly treated, acute otitis media usually heals within 4-8 days. If you get carried away or repeatedly, it may be a sign of an event. In such cases, a thorough ear-nose examination is required.
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